10 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Windows Small Business Server 2003

Now Is The Time To Speak With Us About Upgrading Your Windows Small Business Server 2003 — Before Support Runs Out!

Small Business Server 2003

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If you’re still working on Windows Small Business Server 2003, your IT team needs to be talking to you about the looming end of support. If you aren’t already getting ready for the switch, your business is cutting it close. There’s a few things you need to know, and we’ll get help get you up to speed.

  • Time is Running Out

Support for the server ends on July 14, 2015. Your business has no time to lose.

  • Every System is Unique

Like every business, no two IT systems are alike. You’ll need to create a unique plan for your business to make the changeover, so it’s time to start thinking about it now.

  • It’s Not Easy

That changeover will involve carrying your existing workload over, so it absolutely needs to be done with care and attention. Waiting will only make matters more complicated.

  • It’ll Cause Compliance Issues

If you’re still running on the server after support ends, you’ll encounter a number of issues. The first is that you’ll likely no longer be in compliance with industry-set standards.

  • Your System will Be Vulnerable

Without proper patches being implemented, your system will be left vulnerable to security issues as long as you’re using Small Business Server 2003.

  • Bugs Won’t be Dealt With

Likewise, your business also won’t receive fixes for bugs, which will only be sent out to supported servers.

  • Your Business Will Suffer

All of this means one thing – your business will take a hit. Not only will you not receive security patches or bug fixes, but you’ll be unable to make the most of new updates and technology that’s released after end of support.

  • Clients Won’t Be Happy

Security issues and failure to meet compliance regulations certainly won’t make clients happy. You may find your business losing trust and support from the public and important clients.

  • It’s Doable

This may seem trivial, but many business claim they think it’s impossible to make the switch in time – that’s not true! With the right plan in place your business still has adequate time to make the switch before support ends. There’s no excuse to leave your small business stuck in the past.

  • We’re Here to Help

Remember that you’re not alone in this. Tons of businesses are dealing with the same thing right now, and we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to craft a unique strategic plan to transfer your workload and migrate away from Windows Small Business Server 2003 – and your business will be ready to benefit from new upgrades and solutions.

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