6 Tech Support Tips for Growing Your Business Securely

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It’s no secret that technology has become fundamental to our daily lives. Both our personal and business lives have become reliant on technology; computers and internet access have even been debated as basic human needs.

As our lives become ever more tech-centric, it’s important you know how to get the most out of it. You rely on dependable technology, and this needs constant support and upgrading. Our experts at M.I.T Consulting in Toronto want to make sure your tech is up to speed and secure , so we’ve put together our top tech tips to keep your technology dependable.

Keep reading for 6 of our essential tech tips to help your business grow securely.

Update Your Internet Browser

Using outdated browsers can put your computer at risk. Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft, which means that malicious websites could read your files and even damage them.

Older browser versions also put your passwords at higher risk of being stolen and can also make your computer more likely to crash. To avoid these dangers and reduce risk to your computer, make sure you update your browser to the most current version available.

Keep Your Operating System Current

In today’s landscape of cyber security and hacker threats, it’s imperative that your operating system is kept current. Make sure your is updated regularly to be sure the latest patches, updates, and drivers are installed. Experts advise to set your operating system to automatically update to be sure it is always up to date so you can avoid the latest security threats.

Use Antivirus Software

The threat of viruses and other malware increases all the time, with McAfee reporting a 700% increase in malware incidents within the last year. The growing threat to our computers and security makes a good anti-virus software imperative to your protection. Using an antivirus software, a firewall and antispyware, you can better protect your computer and your data.

Back EVERYTHING Up Automatically

Technology gives us the benefit of having an easy place to store and organize our important documents, pictures, and files in one place. However, this also means we risk losing everything if something happens to our device. This is why experts stress the importance of backing up everything to a secondary software or external device.

Keep in mind that OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are NOT an effective backup strategy. Ideally, what you will need is a software program that will allow you to restore all of your files. Luckily, services like M.I.T Consulting’s Data Centre Services offer vital back up services that fit any business’s budget. So, take advantage of this and remember to backup all your files everyday to avoid a tech tragedy.

Keep Your Passwords Safe The Old Fashioned Way

Lost or forgot passwords are the number one cause of lost productivity. We are required to have so many passwords for business and personal accounts, and on top of the sheer number of passwords we have, many systems require password changes every six months. This makes it unreasonable to always remember every password and leaves us prone to forgetting them. This has a simple solution, though: write them down!

While there are a variety of softwares created to keep track of your passwords, many people are not prone to actually use them. People are likely to write them down, but it’s important to keep them safe still. You should write them down in a notebook and lock them away somewhere safe. It might sound anti-tech, but as long as your notebook is secure, your passwords are secure.

Create Separate Email Accounts to Keep Organized and Secure

Many people waste time sorting through their email every day between what’s junk and what’s important. The worst of this is when an important email is missed in pages of junk mail. An easy solution is to create a separate email that you use for junk mail like fliers and newsletters. This reduces the clutter in your inbox and ensures you don’t miss any important emails.

You should also create an email separate from your personal for all your banking accounts and use this account exclusively for these accounts. This way, if your main account is ever hacked, you can protect your banking data from someone trying to access your information.

Further, it’s also a good idea to look into professional services like M.I.T Consulting’s IT Security Service’s Email and Spam Protection. Especially if you’re running a business, it’s highly valuable to work with IT experts to secure your email and protect both yours and your clients data.

M.I.T works to keep your technology dependable and secure. Call us today to talk about your tech support needs in Toronto at (416) 250-1040!

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