Cloud Computing Services for Beginners

Cloud services and computing is new for many business owners, but that does not mean they should disregard the service! With cloud services in Toronto, you can provide shared access to data to your employees or clients that can streamline and simplify your process. Still confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to make understanding cloud computing easy! If you’re interesting in improving your business, or if you’re new to cloud computing, continue reading the M.I.T Consulting blog on the subject below!

What is Cloud Computing?

In the most novice of terms, cloud computing refers to the process of keeping and storing access to information and software over the internet, instead of on a physical computer. The “cloud” is, so to speak, the realm of the internet where these programs and the data is stored. For the sake of simplicity, view your computer storage as your local storage, and you cloud computing as something entirely separate. For something to be labeled as cloud computing, it needs to be readily accessible outside of your business via the internet, and the data needs to be synchronized with others using the cloud.

Business Cloud Computing

There are two main types of cloud computing services for businesses. While similar, they are both very important to know if you are considering using a cloud computing service in your business.

Software-as-a-Business (SaaS) offers businesses a subscription to their online cloud where they can conduct their cloud computing. The provider creates these cloud softwares the business owner can “rent” them, so to speak.

Platform-as-a-Business (PaaS) is much more customizable; a business can create it’s own cloud software for their individual needs. These are often much more costly than SaaS, since new and unique programs are being made for you and your business, compared to using already-made programs.

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