Amazing Cloud Computing Benefits That Will Drive Your Business Growth Exponentially | Toronto IT Consulting

What is Cloud Computing?

You are probably already using cloud computing without knowing it! Services like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Dropbox operate on a cloud system which is the reason for many of the benefits they provide like multiple editors at a time, remote access, and more. Cloud computing is a remote on-demand service, allowing you to have storage or processing power to fit your needs whenever and wherever you need it.  Here at MIT Consulting, we are a Toronto IT consulting and IT relocation company that is dedicated to serving your IT needs including cloud services!


Protecting Your Work

Data loss can be a huge concern for anybody no matter your business. If your computer fails, gets the dreaded blue screen of death, gets a virus, or even a power outage happens everything you have worked on could be in serious danger but with cloud storage, it is stored remotely thus saved from whatever computer issues you are having. No more wasted hours redoing everything over or trying to figure out if you can recover the files, with cloud services you can access them as if nothing ever happened. 

Security is another benefit, cloud services protect you from hackers or other people without direct access getting into your files and work. Cloud servers work hard to protect against any potential threats and upgrade their security regularly with no additional cost or effort on your part.


Accessible Anywhere You Need It

One of the biggest selling points of cloud services is that you can work where ever and whenever you want. No need for loading everything up onto a USB, micro SD, or external hard drive for business meetings or conferences out of town anymore. You can access on any device you want at any time as long as you have a reliable internet connection which can be a huge benefit in multiple ways. Get out of the office and work in a local office shop to get a change of scenery to help de-clog your mind, hire freelance and remote employees without any worries which can help save on office costs, or just review notes and files in a taxi or plane.


Huge Savings

The savings don’t stop there though, another huge benefit of cloud storage is you won’t have to worry about storage. The costs of maintaining, buying and updating equipment can really build-up, but with cloud computing that’s all off your hands. With that as well most companies won’t have the need for a large IT team to handle the cloud operations because the cloud providers’ team will handle everything.

Costs also scale with your usage so at no point would you be paying for more than you use. With that, there will be no need to worry if you need more space like if you were taking care of it yourself, it’s an easy simple process to get more so your business can work to your fullest!


It’s time to update! With a growing business worrying about your backups, hardware, and storage should be the last thing on your mind. Get started with a new cloud service to lighten your load and get back to doing what your best at. 

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