Communicating with Your IT Support Service Provider

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A modern and efficient way of leveraging technology for your business is outsourcing IT support services to a provider that acts as an external IT department. They respond to your computer support needs as they arise and fit your entire team with the latest hardware, software, cloud storage space, network connections, and security solutions. These IT support services are vital for efficiently doing business, especially in a competitive space such as Toronto, where maximizing resources for your business keeps you afloat in the populated market.

To get optimal IT support services in Toronto, and do business efficiently, you need to communicate openly and clearly with your service provider. Here are some key tips for establishing a productive working relationship with your IT support service provider in Toronto.

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Lay Down a Good Foundation

When employing the services of an IT support company, it’s important to establish a good working relationship from the start. Most IT support service providers start with an assessment of your business’ current IT assets and needs.

The assessment starts with the hardware and software used in daily operations. The most basic question to ask is if these are up-to-date; if not, what upgrades are needed to outfit your system with so that your team uses technology that makes doing business and performing daily work easier. Sitting down with your IT provider to talk about necessary hardware and system upgrades will also put you on the same page financially, allowing you to work out the best value for your investment.

Promote Honesty and Transparency

To maintain a healthy working relationship with your IT support service provider, it’s important to foster an honest and transparent environment. As your IT company works from a remote location and is on call for when you need them, it’s easy to think that they’re not working. On the contrary, your IT provider uses a system to keep track of your IT needs and deploys support services as needed.

They can also fit you with a system you can use to see what they are working on. This way, you keep communication lines open, and it is easy to determine whether or not you are getting the value of the services you are paying for.

To stay on top of the market, it’s essential to carefully weigh the advice of your IT support service provider, such as when they recommend upgrades and new technology that help you do business better.

Define Your Priorities

When your business heavily relies on a strong IT network to produce products and services, as well as connect with your customers, each aspect of your IT support package is deemed high priority. Unfortunately with technology, several problems can occur all at once, and it can be hard to determine which IT problem needs to be resolved first. Is it hanging computers (when they freeze), errors in your point-of-sale system, network connection issues, or trouble accessing your team’s shared storage space that need to be fixed first? All of these issues can be overwhelming, so it’s important to set priorities with your IT support service provider and establish a protocol for technical issues.

It’s also important to agree on a timeframe for repairs to be performed, or the amount of feedback you should receive. It would not be fair to you if your service provider has a slow turnaround time; likewise, it would also be unfair to accuse your service provider of being unable to provide certain IT services that are actually outside your agreed package. To avoid these problems, it’s important to define what IT services should be prioritized first, as well as the turnaround time for repairs and feedback based on your service agreement.

Meet Regularly

To ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment and that the technology your team uses continuously supports your work, it’s important to sit down in a meeting with your IT support provider and evaluate the effectiveness of the services you receive on a monthly or quarterly basis. This sets a level of expectations and ensures that your business receives the support it needs to succeed in a competitive market such as Toronto.

You can use these meetings to raise and resolve recurring concerns, as well as decide on major IT services or upgrades your team needs, such as the cost and effectiveness of installing new hardware, or migrating to new and improved systems that allow for better work flow among your team. By regularly communicating, you continuously foster a healthy and productive business relationship.

M.I.T. operates by using clear and open communication to help your business succeed. Tell us about the IT support services you need for your Toronto business by calling us at (416) 250-1040 today!

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