Cybercrime: How IT Support Can Help Ensure Your Cyber Safety


As we integrate the world into a more tech-based platform, issues can arise such as cybercrime. It is more than simply getting your financial banking information stolen or your data being replicated; cybercrime has snowballed into a much bigger problem for many companies. The one method of taking out this risk completely is to stop using the Internet and technology in operations but that solution is no longer viable as companies now have a strong dependence of using it.


However, understanding the range of what cybercrime can look like and taking basic precautions yourself can help protect your data from encountering small-scale issues. Furthermore, having an IT tech support team to assist in the backend will add an extra layer of security to ensure that the issues that you may not be able to see or identify will be dealt with without tampering your data.


Keep reading to learn more about how you can protect yourself from Cybercrime:


How can I protect my accounts online?


Accounts are identified through the usernames and passwords that are created. Duplicating your passwords on multiple sites puts your accounts at risk because in the case that one of the account’s information has been leaked or hacked into, the same password can be used to enter multiple social media platforms and accounts. In addition to that, having a complex password will minimize the chances of it being hacked into. This entails using a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters.


On the corporate side, ensuring that general account information is not stored on public or accessible files will be important to protect the privacy of your employees and information. These accounts are usually accessible by administration and higher-level executives but that information should be highly secured and not generally opened to avoid any hacks.


What precautions should I take on social media?


Like most social media warnings, keeping personal and private information away from the public eye is key to ensuring that the details of your life are not easily accessible. When entering important accounts outside of your social media platforms, answering security questions is part of that process. That type of information can often be found on your personal pages, such as your pet’s name, the type of car you own, or your mother’s maiden name. To prevent exposing those answers to common security questions, you can avoid sharing that information


How often should I update my software?


This may not seem as important in the grand scheme of things but having your operating system and internet security software updated at all times is crucial to prevention from cybercrime. Hackers are often looking for loopholes and flaws in your systems to gain access from. When software is not updated, those flaws can increase, making it easier to become a cybercrime target.


For companies that have integrated software across the board, a minor breach can have a substantial effect on the company because small flaws can act as the perfect access point for anyone targeting your brand.


What is identity theft?


Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully takes your personal data and uses it in nature of fraud or deception. This is usually done to tap into personal finances. You can be tricked through giving this personal information over the internet or someone may steal your mail to access private data.


How can I prevent identity theft?


One of the top ways of prevention is ensuring that you have a virtual private network (VPN) to protect any data that you send and receive online. This can be important, especially when you’re accessing the internet on public Wi-Fi.


Identity theft can occur anywhere, even when you are traveling. Criminals can get into your electronics on-the-go which is why keeping your travel plans off of social media and duplicating a VPN when you are on hotel Wi-Fi can be great prevention methods.


How can I go beyond the basic precautions for cybercrime?


For anyone looking to fully secure the information on their personal computers or companies that are looking to protect their data to the fullest should be looking at a tech support team to ensure that their needs on an IT level are looked after. Tech support teams are easily able to identify any flaws and worms that could exist and can mitigate the issue before they blow up. Contact our team today to learn more about what services can be provided to you so that your company stays safe and secured.

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