Don’t Let Spam Mail Jeopardize Your Business in 2021 – Protect Your Personal Data

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MIT is the trusted choice in website support in Toronto and GTA locations that help shield your critical assets from getting compromised. We have dedicated our Toronto IT support to help personal and business networks from falling victim to cyber threats, breach attempts and unauthorized access. 

The invention of email has revolutionized the way we communicate. It’s instant, efficient and simple. You can access your email at the touch of a button in the palm of your hands.

There are numerous advantages to electronic mail, but what happens when cyber criminals try to use email to steal money and tarnish your reputation?


What Are Spam Emails?

‘Spam’ mail is the equivalent of unwanted flyers that are placed on your doorstep. Unwanted mail can be annoying but electronic spam mail can be dangerous. An innocent misclick on an unwarranted email can flood your device with malware, viruses and phishing threats that can endanger your business’ reputation.

Here are some examples of spam mail that include:

➤ Unknown attachments

➤ Encouraging you to download unknown software

➤ Asking for your personal information

➤ Emails telling you that your computer has a virus and to click on the attached link to remove the threat

➤ Advertisements that encourage gambling, pyramid schemes, online shopping 

➤ Emails urging you to donate to charity


Why Are Spam-Mails Dangerous?

Identity Theft:

A sender might claim to be you to use your web platform to infiltrate networks of unsuspecting cyber victims. Examples include, “Congratulations! You have won a free cruise in the Bahamas! Fill out the below form and claim your reward! Hurry because this prize expires in 24 hours!”. 

The cyber attacker tries to capture the reader to present important personal details. 


Malicious Links:

Unknown attached files embedded with viruses can easily be clicked on in a spam email. Once you download the file or click on the unsecured link, hackers can steal your personal data and use it to their advantage. Clicking on a malicious link can even result in a large financial deficit.


Illegal Emails:

One of the most severe spam contains child pornography, offensive picture and abusive content. Aside from potentially getting you into severe legal predicaments, some illegal emails will also request credit card information. Don’t fall victim to credit card theft and false reputation.


How Can You Protect Your Personal Data From Being Breached?

The good news is that you can take simple steps to ensure that your network does not get infiltrated by malicious hacking. MIT’s cybersecurity experts can help keep your sensitive information only in your hands:

Here is how you can prevent spam emails from damaging your network:


Set-up multiple email addresses:

Private– Use solely for personal correspondence. This email address should never be shared on online forums and if you need to publish said address to a website, attach it as a graphic file rather than a link,

Public– Use when you need to register to public online forums or when you subscribe to mailing lists. This is your temporary address that has to be changed frequently as spammers can much more likely find this address than the Private one.


Keep your browser updated:

Only use the latest version of your browser that has all the appropriate security components installed.


Never respond to any spam:

The more you respond, the more you will receive.


Use anti-spam filters:

Click only on emails that have verified providers. Choose our cyber services that will shield you from incoming spam emails. 


Protect Your Money and Reputation – Hire Our Toronto IT Support

Don’t let your business be a negative headline.

Your peace of mind shouldn’t be compromised by malicious viruses, malware and ransomware. MIT offers all-in-one cybersecurity solutions to protect your personal information from getting stolen. 

Don’t let your business be a target for malicious hacking. Hire our online professional IT services today by contacting us here

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