Email & Spam Protection

Use email without fear of malware, spam, or cybercrime.

Email is the main source of malware and spam clogging up your business.

Email Spam FilteringIf you log into your email and check your inbox, there’s a very good chance that you’ll find your junk mail folder flooded with unwanted messages. Spam is dangerous; a single misclick when viewing these emails could trigger harmful viruses, malware, or phishing threats capable of bringing down your entire virtual infrastructure.

Beyond the security threats that email spam poses, these routine inbox annoyances can seriously impact your employee’s productivity. Inbox load times increase as they become cluttered with spam, forcing employees to burn work time deleting their junk mail.

Spam is ubiquitous to the point where most people accept it as a necessary evil during the online experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to cybercrime that cuts you off from clients and leaves your data vulnerable to theft. Choosing M.I.T Consulting’s IT security service can get you complete Email and Spam Protection:

  • 24/7 systems monitoring to detect and resolve issues like viruses and intrusion.
  • Automatic quarantines to stop spam and viruses from getting through your email.
  • Firewalls configured to protect you without slowing down performance.
  • Website filtering to cut off dangerous and time-wasting sites and sources of malware.
  • Password management to make using unique and safe passwords simple.
  • Regularly patched and updated systems to eliminate security loopholes.
  • Education to use email and the Internet safely, avoiding cybercrime tactics like phishing attacks.

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