8 Reasons Why Fixed-Cost IT Support Is Better Than Paying By The Hour

Your business in Toronto is no different from others. You need reliable, efficient, and secure technologies to compete and succeed. To ensure this, you hire an IT company to handle any issues that arise. The problem is, if you’re using break-fix, hourly IT support, you’re simply spending too much on your technology, and not getting the value you deserve. Your best bet is to go with fixed-cost IT support, instead.

flat rate IT

With A Fixed-Cost Contract From Your IT Provider: 

  1. You’ll have a predictable cost for all your IT support that you can easily budget for. For an affordable, fixed, monthly fee they will keep your technology running at peak performance, plus provide a long list of services and solutions that add value to your business.
  2. You won’t have to worry about about tracking and scrutinizing all the hours your IT service tech is clocking. You have better things to do than managing the company that’s supposed to be managing your technology. With fixed-hourly services, you can focus on your business instead.
  3. Your business will benefit from proactive service and support that prevents downtime and IT issues, rather than waiting for troubles to occur that can shut down your operations. Plus, if if you’re constantly worrying about data security, hardware crashes, and software issues, you can’t focus on your customers’ needs.
  4. They will assume all your risks when an IT failure occurs. Rather than showing up at the office in the morning only to find that your system is down, your IT company (via remote monitoring and maintenance) will know if a failure has occurred, and, oftentimes, repair it before the workday begins.
  5. You’ll benefit from CIO Services that provide guidance as your business grows and changes. Services that:
  • Promote your objectives, mission and vision with the right IT solutions.
  • Ensure you realize the return on your IT investment (ROI) you need.
  • Cost much less than hiring your own CIO.
  1. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they are protecting your network and critical business data from all known cyber-security threats, and have the right systems in place to protect against the unknown ones. With a comprehensive, managed security plan, they will keep the “bad guys and bugs” out of your computers and network, and ensure your confidential data stays that way.
  2. They will assume all the responsibility for your data security by designing and implementing a business continuity strategy and backup plan. This provides you and your staff a remote, secure offsite backup solution to ensure you can always access and recover your data in the instance of an accidental data deletion, power outage or disaster.
  3. Most important, you will have a company that answers their phone, responds to your calls for help when you need it, and will be there for you 24/7. No more leaving messages that aren’t answered for days. Instead, you’ll have an IT Support Company that’s responsive, addresses your issues as soon as possible, and has the proficiencies to deal with whatever you need to keep your technology running, reliable and secure.

Download our complete guide to why having a fixed cost IT service plan is much better than paying by the hour.

As you can see, if you are still paying for hourly IT support, your costs outweigh your benefits.  Get the value, peace of mind, security, reliability and consulting services your business needs to compete and succeed. To learn more about fixed-cost IT support, contact {company} at: {phone} or {email}

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