Grow Your Business – And Your Bank Account

Using This One Simple Groundbreaking Tool

If there was one simple groundbreaking tool that would allow you to expand your business – and your bank account – would you use it?

Grow Your Business

It seems like everything is revolving around the cloud lately – from servers to data to applications, most computing resources can be found in the cloud nowadays. The decision to move to the cloud often comes from some sort of business change, whether you’re growing, adding new locations, or hiring new employees, the cloud seems worthwhile for a multitude of scenarios, especially when you’re looking to expand your business.

But the cloud is about more than simply making growth easier to achieve, it’s about expanding your bank account. How? Here’s a few ways:

  1. Eliminating capital costs: You eliminate the capital costs associated with owning and maintaining your own equipment, and instead pay a fee per month – giving you predictable operating costs.
  2. Reducing power and cooling costs: You reduce power and cooling costs as you’re not spending tons of money to keep your own server/equipment running each month.
  3. Lowering labor costs: You lower labor costs in terms of internal IT personnel, as well as all other departments as productivity goes up significantly when staff is able to work outside of the office.
  4. Decreasing downtime-related costs: You decrease downtime-related costs, including loss of customer trust, wasted payroll dollars, and more, as you’re able to recover from disruption much quicker.

Above all, time is money, isn’t it? When you move to the cloud, you’re able to access computing resources anywhere in the world. Why chain yourself down to the office when there’s nothing more rewarding than closing a deal or impressing a customer from halfway around the world!

Let’s be real: You don’t pay your staff members to waste time, but that’s exactly what happens when you’re not streamlining processes.

Think about previous situations at work. Are you emailing documents back and forth? Do you spend time going back and forth from the office to get work done? The cloud streamlines processes – allowing you to give everyone access to the same computing resources, so work gets done from anywhere, anytime, in real-time.

What can be moved to the cloud? You can move all sorts of equipment over, including the following:

  • Phones
  • Email
  • Servers
  • File sharing systems
  • Applications
  • And much more

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