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Budget cuts are a mainstay this year, especially for small businesses facing challenges during the pandemic. Your IT shouldn’t be a further strain on your wallet, and as it turns out, it doesn’t have to be!

M.I.T. Consulting is a trusted tech support company in Toronto that helps you plan strategically to get the best return on all your IT dollars. We fully understand your conundrum; investing in hardware, only for it to become obsolete and glitchy after a year is nobody’s cup of tea. 

As a leading hardware financing company in Toronto, we overhaul this outmoded way of operation. This is why our hardware leasing plans are geared to help you find the right technology at the right price. 

In this article, we go over – in detail – how this service works, and why it’s especially a boon during COVID-19 when your business has to cut corners wherever it can. 



Opens Up Your Cash Flows For Other Projects

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of leasing your hardware; leasing is not a capital expense, it is a straightforward business expense and does not rack up your liability. This means your month-by-month spending is very manageable and yes, predictable. 

Here are just a few of the cash advantages of leasing your technology:

  • Enjoy fewer upfront costs and pay a flat monthly rate
  • No extra charges for installation, configuration, repairs, or replacements
  • You may even be able to get tax incentives from leasing
  • It’s easier to lease rather than wait around for that IT equipment loan to get approved
  • You can plan for technology upgrades before aging IT slows you down
  • You can lower your utility bill by going reen with M.I.T.’s energy-efficient system
  • You can benefit from our vendor connections and get the very best pricing
  • Even your stakeholders will be happier, given stable profits!



Your IT is Always Up-to-Date and Glitch-Free

When you buy equipment outright, you typically tend to stick with it for 5+ years given the exorbitant mount you just shelled out. 

With leases, especially short-term leases, you can pay as you go, and replace it when the time comes, without having to put up with the guilt of replacing it prematurely. 

Did you know; Most personal computers are not worth even 20% of their original value after the first 2 years. Imagine how much you’re losing out in depreciation alone if you were to purchase outright. 

Also remember, when buying outright, management (who typically approved the capital) will be a bit iffy about spending so much all at once, resulting in low-grade equipment purchases to cut corners. With leasing, there are no large upfront costs, making it easier to access high-quality equipment and set the business up for success. 



Amazing Lease Rates Now Available – Hassle-Free Application

Turn to a Leading Hardware Financing Company in Toronto

It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust M.I.T. Consulting

Contact us today to get started on your leasing program – save costs and get the highest-grade equipment on the market.


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