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The holiday season is fast approaching and most businesses are looking for the way to best finish up the year before relaxing and taking time off. But unlike last year things have changed for the year-end, increased online activity, remote workers, and more. To have a clean start to the new year and finish off the fourth fiscal quarter right IT can be right by your side. 

To get you ramped out and confident in your online safety and presence you’ll need one of the best tech support companies in Toronto. M.I.T. Consulting is ready to provide not only Toronto computer support but also help give you a better understanding. By working with our IT support company you can feel confident and safe going into the holiday season and new year.


Remote staff and distant work can equal unproductive work 

Many businesses pick up staffing during the holiday season but this year in the office is going to look a lot different than last year. When wrapping up the year the last thing you need is slacking, taking advantage of cloud-based programs and work can significantly cut back on the unnecessary back and forth and get the ball rolling. VoIP phones and cloud-based data hosting can have everything neatly in one place and communication flowing to maximize productivity.


Online activity is on the rise, higher than ever

You might have already heard the recommendations to stay inside and not go out shopping for gifts, people are turning to online retail to buy presents and items more than ever. While your business may not be in the retail sector this can still have an effect on you; whether you offer products, services, content, or a mix of the three you can expect the percentage of business done online to rise significantly. 

This brings into question if your website can handle it; do you have IT infrastructure? Can your servers handle the traffic? If nothing has changed in your online business from the past few months then it’s recommended to check-in and make sure everything is up to shape. Don’t let a crash happen at an integral time in your business; capitalize on the opportunity and upgrade!


Just as online activity rises; cybercrime follows suit 

As expected, sadly once online activity rises, especially with commerce and retail, you can expect cybercrime to rise up along with it. Already during November, it has been reported by computer security software companies that there was about a 12% increase in the number of cybercrime threats. With malware and phishing attacks running rampant it’s best to have your team backed by proper security and knowledge to avoid accidentally giving out compromising company information. By having a tech support company come by and audit your IT security systems, or offer their expert advice with their own IT services you can rest a bit easier.


Want to start the holiday season off right?

Be backed by IT services you can trust, whether your team is working remotely or from home this year or your finishing off the year in the office a great IT team can cover to get through the holiday season and rush. Don’t stand unprotected, reach out to M.I.T. today to get started and bring out a smoother and safer workflow for the new year.

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