Is Your Business Shifting to a New Location? Here’s How to Transition Your Technology Seamlessly!

You’re moving your business to a new location and the excitement is palpable. A new space means more room to innovate, explore your creativity and expand your operations! Of course, your physical IT infrastructure is as big a part of the transition as your staff. Without properly considering the implications of the move on your tech, you could put yourself in a world of trouble. This is why computer relocation services in Toronto have picked up immense traction recently – and for good reason too!

During a large-scale relocation, there is a possibility of files being misplaced, cables getting incorrectly plugged in at your new location, your system encountering downtimes and glitches, communication lines between your staff getting severed and sensitive equipment sustaining damage. This means aggravated clients, anxious employees and backlogged operations. None of those sound like a picnic, do they? Avoid such hassles just by establishing a proper plan of action – one that details how you’re going to transition your tech.

With that, it’s evident that IT relocation undertaken by professionals is the need of the hour. Here’s how these services can make your move pleasurable, seamless and anxiety-free!


Evaluates Your Current and New Sites

Each business relocation comes with a unique set of challenges – challenges that must be carefully assessed prior to taking action. With due preparation comes the ability to enforce preventative measures for even the most unprecedented outcomes. An experienced equipment relocation specialist will first examine your IT environment, its power requirements, network demands and tech positioning criteria. After such information is compiled, your consultant then creates a POA.


Establishes a Plan Along With Corresponding Deadlines

Nothing is more important than you being assured that your IT is in safe hands. To guarantee this, the tech relocator creates an estimate of the dates and timelines involved in transferring your IT. They will also draw up an estimate of the manpower required for such activities and how that is to be coordinated. This will be based on the information collected in the previous step. The consultant has to take into consideration data centre consolidation. This entire process will take a matter of days for an experienced relocator as opposed to weeks or months.


Systematically Tags and Transfers Your Equipment

After considerable planning and preparation, it’s finally time for the big move! Your tech relocator packs, labels, documents, transports and positions your IT assets at the new location. This involves disconnecting phones, computers, servers and the likes – everything that you need to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently. All your items will be precisely audited to keep track of their location during the move – from start to finish!

The relocator also goes to great lengths to ascertain that the equipment is well secured in the vehicle before the journey. Because professionalism is key, your consultant will use bonded professional movers to handle this sensitive task. Both the loading and unloading is supervised by them. If you so wish, you could even request special packaging for that added layer of security.


Takes Care of Cabling and Testing

At the new location, your assets will be positioned so that everything is where it needs to be. This phase is very crucial. It involves ergonomically mounting the equipment so that no room in the new space goes unutilized. It doesn’t end after the re-installation though.

The tech relocator will then test your IT to make sure every last asset operates in peak condition and ensures that nothing was fractured during the move. This is done through system diagnosis – i.e. strategically running various scripts that test the tech’s configuration. What the relocator is aiming to achieve is an intricate and seamless network connectivity without network errors or tangled wires littering your new space.

If anything seems to be amiss, the consultant will proceed with the repair and maintenance protocol or a full system replacement as the case may be.


Suggests Hardware Upgrades

Of course, with a new space comes new possibilities! Why rely on your old tech when your operations can be enhanced with the entry of top-performing equipment? A move of this scale usually indicates that you’re eager to grow your business. To poise it for a successful future, certain equipment upgrades might be in order. The tech consultant will suggest more advanced models with which you can replace your computers and phones. It is these state-of-the-art tools from leading tech providers that will put a nice little touch to the entire experience.

After that? It’s business as usual!


Relocating Your IT to a New Location? We’d Love to Help!

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