I.T. Relocation Services

Office IT Relocation, Toronto

Simplify moving to a new location with a seamless transition of all your technology.

IT Relocation Services

Move your office to a new location in Toronto hassle-free with IT relocation services from us at M.I.T. Consulting.

There’s lots to be excited about when moving your business to a new location – more space to inspire creativity, perfect the conception of your products and services, and a whole lot of room for innovative ideas to grow and bloom!

But behind the scenes, the transition can be quite a mess – there’s the risk of forgetting where a cable should be plugged into, accidentally leaving behind files in old computers, or encountering network glitches once your new office is set up.

Without proper planning of office IT relocation, your business could easily face costly downtimes that can leave your clients unsatisfied, sensitive files and equipment vulnerable, and communication lines between your team cut.

There’s much to consider when moving to your new office. More than just getting the interior ready, you’ll want tangled wires to be properly disconnected, sensitive equipment packaged, and services quickly reactivated.

Our Office IT Relocation Services

Simplify and streamline the whole process to eliminate downtime and quickly get your I.T. set up just how you like it with I.T. Relocation from {company}.

Our Office IT Relocation Process

Transfer of Equipment

We pack, properly tag, handle, and place in their correct new location all of your IT assets and hardware, such as computers, servers, phones, and other equipment that allows you to do better business in Toronto. We strategically disconnect and reinstall all these devices, and test them to make sure that everything works perfectly at your new location, making your office IT relocation a success.


As soon as your computers, servers, phones, and other IT assets arrive at your new office location, we begin the work on ensuring that everything is exactly where it should be. This phase of office IT relocation includes an ergonomic mounting process in which we make sure every inch of your new space is allocated efficiently for each operation. We then run numerous script tests to ensure proper configuration of all your equipment, as well as top performance according to technical standards.

The result is an intricately connected network of office computers, servers, phones, printers, and other office equipment – without the mess of tangled wires and network errors, just a seamless transition and business as usual in your new business location.

Hardware Procurement

Moving to a new location usually signals the growth of your business, and for this, you’ll need all the right tools to keep your business poised for a brighter future. Your new office could be larger, with lots of space new faces and ideas will fill, and they’ll need top-performing equipment to do an excellent job with you.

So whether you’re upgrading everyone’s phones and computers to faster and more advanced models, or you’re welcoming new staff eager to help your business grow, not only will we relocate the IT you need, but even better: present you with top new IT solutions from leading providers you know and love. Learn more about the tech you trust and we can fit your new office with.

We offer the following IT relocation services in Toronto:

  • Move planning to minimize downtime and avoid mishaps.
  • Disconnecting computers and other hardware.
  • Specialized move packaging (including bubble wrapping) to protect your valuable investments.
  • Hardware tagging to keep track of important assets.
  • Network and telecom cable installation.
  • Computer hardware and telephone cleaning.
  • Hardware reconnection and network script testing to ensure performance at your new location.
  • Service reactivation and vendor management to make sure the Internet and phones will be on when you move in.
  • Detailed audits of all items to keep accurate track of location at all times.

With our office IT relocation services, we can get your new location in Toronto up and running in no time, allowing your business a smooth transition to a better office space that allows for improved workflow and increased productivity. As we get your company’s tech ready in no time, it’s business as usual – no downtimes, lost connections, and customers left hanging – almost as if you never had to pack up and move.

Want to know more about our track record in office IT relocation? See what our clients share about their experience:

Just a quick note to let you how much we appreciated the great job your team did for us. I’ve been involved with all the major projects in Canadian Division for the last 20 years and have to say that this has been the most efficient and issue-free move, and yet more complex than all the others. Of course this was only made possible with the great efforts from the Movers and your company. Again, Thanks for the great job!
Gary, Manulife


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