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Leverage unique I.T. solutions for your industry.

Every business is unique and requires a personalized IT strategy. At M.I.T, we recognize that companies in the same industry often face similar issues. We have developed industry-specific solutions that maximize efficiency and are cost-effective.

Take advantage of {company}’s Industry-Specific Solutions to maximize the impact I.T. has on your business:

  • Solutions developed to solve problems for other businesses in your industry
  • Support and training for industry-specific software
  • Solutions for education, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and more

We analyze your business and optimize your IT system, so you can get the most out of your IT. Call us at {phone}.

Business IT Support

Our IT Support packages are customized to the specific needs of your business and we have the experience and knowledge to show you how IT can improve your productivity, ensure your data is secured, compliant and backed up as well as provide you with software to better manage your business.

We have been working with businesses in many industries including law firms, medical and dental clinics, accounting firms, manufacturers, commercial, industrial, charities, and local government.

Is your business IT compliant? do you have disaster recovery plan in place? request a free consultation!

Education IT support

We provide a full technological experience for your staff and students.

  • Secure and fast internet access for your staff and students
  • A trusted IT department focused on improving daily operations
  • Student management software and support for testing and evaluation

Government Agencies IT Support

We maximize your I.T. budget and streamline daily operations.

  • Secure data storage in Canadian-based cloud data centres that comply with government regulations
  • Security audits to protect sensitive data against cybercrime and employee negligence
  • Digital record keeping that safeguards files and frees up office space

Non-Profit Organizations IT Support

Make smart I.T. investments to save money and improve efficiency.

  • Budgeting guidance to maximize cost-effective IT
  • Automated and secure backups to protect vital records from corruption and cyber-crime
  • Simplified online file-sharing to promote collaboration with volunteers and sister organizations


We connect business and technology: {company}.

We’re your I.T. provider, plain and simple. Contact us at {phone} or {email} to discover how easy I.T. can be.

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