Keep Your Company and Clients Safe: 3 Wi-Fi Security Tips

Whether you’re dependent on E-commerce or not, Wi-Fi is an integral part of most modern businesses. Most companies rely on our Wi-Fi connection for communications, advertising, and customer service, but it could be a costly weak link in your network security chain. Without adequate security measures in place, your company could be at risk.photodune-6916439-security-wifi-internet-concept-xs

In today’s post, our Toronto IT support experts break down 3 ways to enhance your company’s Wi-Fi security. If you have concerns about your system’s protection, you can schedule a free security assessment with our team online, or give us a call at (416)-250-1040 today.

Enable router encryption ASAP

You wouldn’t close up the office and neglect to lock the doors, right? Believe it or not, it’s equally important to lock up your Wi-Fi routers and access points (APs) as soon as they’re set up. Allowing passersby to leech off of your Wi-Fi network to check their Twitter feed on the go will be the least of your problems. If you leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured, you may be exposing your company’s computers, passwords, and sensitive files to identity thieves. Make sure to lock down your routers and APs as soon as possible, lest you scare potential clients away with the risk of having their personal information compromised.

Invest in a secure server

Many companies pass the name username and password around between employees without issue, but it only takes one disgruntled ex-employee to make you regret it. You can (and should) reset sensitive login information every time an employee leaves the fold, but even that may not be enough.

The best option to ensure your account details, intellectual property, and client data is secure is to invest in an enterprise-mode WPA/WPA2 server. This is the deadbolt of the virtual world, locking out anyone who doesn’t belong.

Protecting yourself on the go

Empowered by what’s possible with Cloud computing, many people are getting their work done on the go these days. Public libraries, internet cafes, and coffee shops are all great spots to get work done on the go, but they’re also soft targets for the hackers of the world. Identity thieves often bide their time in these places, waiting for a technically uninformed CEO to saunter in and expose themselves on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Protecting yourself on the go doesn’t have to be onerous. First, you’ll need to train your employees on proper security protocol when they’re working remotely. As a general rule, you should advise them not to enter any passwords, personal information, or credit card details on unsecured, public Wi-Fi connections. Make sure that they’re closing any Shared folders they’re using, too.

Learn more Wi-fi security best practices

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