Mission Statement and Values

Mission statement

Since 2003, M.I.T Consulting has been providing exceptional service to businesses, schools and non-profit organizations across Ontario. Our goal is to create a strategic partnership with your business built on a foundation of integrity and accountability. Our trusted technicians work to support and enhance your pursuits by implementing innovative IT solutions that optimize every aspect of your operation.

Core values – We achieve our mission statement by living our company values

  1. Client driven: Providing reliable and consistently outstanding service to our clients is our top priority. Every action we take is done with the intention of improving and growing our clients’ businesses.
  2. Succeed with integrity: We deliver on what we promise and always follow through with our company’s mission.
  3. Communicate with transparency: We believe that honesty is fundamental in building strong relationships with clients.
  4. Respect: We encourage our team to share and listen to new ideas with curiosity. We enjoy celebrating the success of others and strive to foster a respectful work environment.
  5. Community outreach: We believe that businesses have the responsibility to make the world a better place. We seek to make positive change in our community by donating our time and resources to various local causes.
  6. Work with passion: We bring our love for IT into everything we do.
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