Office 365 Benefits For Small Businesses

Information Technology is the single most important factor when planning to improve productivity within your business. MIT Consulting is here to understand your business and treat it like our own. We thrive to create a genuine partnership between you and our IT department to provide every client with professional and knowledgeable IT services.

Everyone is buzzing about the “cloud”, its benefits, and how it is so easily managed. Small business owners are often too busy making sure their business is running well and simply don’t have the time to manage a full transition to the cloud. Planning, maintaining, and upgrading your network is not an easy task- leaving it to a consultant at MIT takes the stress right off your hands.

Our team makes it our goal to identify exactly what your IT needs are, plan an error-free transition to the cloud for your specific systems and determine where we can add features to increase productivity.

How can office 365 help your small business?

Office 365 was created by Microsoft and with that being said, Office 365 is slightly different from older versions of Microsoft software. It uses the power of the cloud to operate the applications that were once stored locally on your computer. The easiest features to notice in the cloud are:

  1. Outlook emails and the calendar are easily synced and accessible from any device, all while increasing security.
  2. Whatever you do online, updates on your desktop. Office web apps work directly with desktop versions. So wherever you start that PowerPoint, Word document or Excel spreadsheet, you can finish it on any device later on.
  3. Sharing is easier. Sharing documents, requesting meetings and checking off tasks are now simplified, everyone on the cloud can update/input whatever and whenever they need.
  4. Communication is easier. Instant messages and online meetings are built into Office 365, so all your messages are secure and centralized.

Points of focus of 365

Office 365 was created with the user’s organization in mind. Security, Data Compliance, connectivity and the ability to grow was all in mind when designing the cloud.


Every organization has unique needs for their business, but the benefits that come with Microsoft Office 365 are applicable anywhere. Microsoft’s built-in email and computer security features allow for everyone on the network to be connected, error-free and protected from outside hackers and threats.

All communications in Office 365 have built-in encryption, meaning that if anyone was able to breach your accounts, they would not be able to read your data. Office 365 has also made it easy to remote wipe your system in the event that someone’s device has become lost or stolen.

Data Compliance

Microsoft office 365 ensures that all users are within the regulations of HIPAA, FERPA, and FISMA.

Better Connectivity

With the implementation of the cloud, staff members are no longer limited by who’s working in the office today and who’s not. If the user has a connection to the internet, they’ll be able to access all of their files, shared documents, databases, and storage. The team is connected to instant access to work, clients and each other, no matter where they are.

Growth Potential

The best part about Office 365 is that its ready to grow whenever you are. Office 365 is made to add more data storage as you need it. You’ll never have to worry about the technical capabilities, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Adding new members to the cloud is an extremely simple process, creating a user and email when you hire and lock or archive their account once the employee departs.

Contact us to see how to implement office 365 for your business.

If you’ve been thinking about moving your business to the cloud, to boost productivity and the success of your business, contact one of our consultants and let us take the load off your back. We will handle the analysis, planning, and implementation of your new cloud service. Call M.I.T at 416-250-1040 to see what we can do for you.

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