Relocating Your Business? Here’s How to Avoid Missing Equipment, Tangled Wires and Glitchy IT!


Shifting your business to a new location? That’s super exciting news! A new space means more room to grow and flourish. Think about all the great business deals you’ll be brokering from your new office. Of course, this phase will be characterized by chaos and disruptions. What you can’t forget to account for in the move is your precious Information Technology. 


While moving these assets might seem like a no-brainer, there are quite a few hidden hassles; tangled cables, misplaced equipment, untagged hardware, poorly installed IT in the new location, and so much more. All these will affect employee productivity and pave the way for annoying downtimes.


The solution? Opt for trusted IT relocation services in Toronto. M.I.T. Consulting is a trusted and professional IT consulting firm that makes sure your IT travels well. 


What do IT relocation services include? Our team goes all out so that every last cable is plugged in right and no old files are left behind. Encountering network glitches at the new place is a common occurrence. Our team will undertake diagnosing and testing, making doubly sure that your technology is able to withstand the demands of the new environment. 


Without further ado, let’s explore the main benefits of opting for IT relocation services. We also reveal how you can greatly benefit from trusted IT outsourcing services for your North York business.   


Systematic Equipment Transfer


Packing, tagging, transporting and placing the technology at the new place is a very crucial and sensitive task. These cannot be done from a haphazard standpoint as you’re guaranteed to misplace something or worse, damage an expensive piece of tech. 


Your IT assets, computers, services, phones and such, have to be strategically disconnected and reinstalled as well as tested. Our team makes sure that everything is in tip-top shape at the new location, making the move a success!


Expert Cabling


When your phones, servers and computers arrive at the new location, everything has to be placed just so, so that there is no equipment cluttering your workspace and impeding the flow of traffic. 


The team at M.I.T. undertakes ergonomic mounting, meaning we make sure that every last inch of the office is used efficiently. We proceed to run script tests to ensure that the tech is properly configured and abides by the highest standards of technical excellence. 


The result? An optimal interconnected IT infrastructure that provides a seamless transition from your old to your new location – no hassles, no downtimes!


Hardware Procurement


When you relocate, that usually signals the growth of your business. With growth, comes new opportunities to upgrade your hardware and software so as to keep up with the rising demands. 


You need the right tools to poise yourself for future growth. At M.I.T., we ensure that your old obsolete equipment is replaced with high-performing tech so that your job is made easier. 


Here’s What We Offer:


  • Carefully planning prior to the move to offset downtimes and mishaps
  • Strategically disconnecting hardware 
  • Packaging hardware well so as to avoid damages
  • Tagging to track all important assets
  • Installation of networks and telecom cables
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Reconnection and script testing to ensure optimal performance
  • Service reactivation and vendor management


After that? It’s back to business a usual! 


No downtimes, connection issues or customers left hanging. Handle your tech relocation right with M.I.T. 


We provide affordable rates so that you’re never put out! Contact us today to get your tech assets relocated the right way. 

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