Secret Codes For Netflix

REVEALED: The Hidden Secret Netflix Has Been Keeping from You!


Netflix has quickly become the populations favorite pastime, with viewers accounting for one third of all data usage during peak hours. After so many hours of screen time, one might think they have seen almost everything there is to see on site, however, this isn’t true.

Searching through the endless titles available can become overwhelming, but guess what? There’s a master list of categories that delves much deeper into their content than the typically displayed list. This master list can be accessed by entering specific genre codes as a URL into the web browser. The format is as follows:

with #### being where the specific genre codes are placed.

Secret codes reveal a wealth of viewing options, opening up a list of genres that many are not aware of. In order to take advantage of this bit of magic users need to access the option from a computer, not a smartphone or smart TV. In the address bar, right after the Netflix address, users can add these numeric codes to open up options in the desired genre.

The codes identifying the individual genres are as follows:

  • 10256 – Slapstick Comedies
  • 7018 – Political Documentaries
  • 10005 – Religious Documentaries
  • 6384 – Tear Jerkers
  • 9584 – Spy/Action/Adventure
  • 67673 – Disney
  • 32473 – Classic Foreign Movies
  • 7700 – Westerns
  • 11177 – T.V Cartoons

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are too many secret categories to list, however, a simple google search will reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting new titles for you to peruse.

Thanks to this handy trick, viewers can now enjoy countless more hours of binge watching their old favorites, as well as some new stuff that might otherwise remain unseen because some of these categories don’t even come up when searched using traditional methods.

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