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With services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many others operating on a cloud system you are probably already using the cloud without knowing about it. The cloud allows you to access anything you want, anytime, and anywhere you want, letting you and your team work to the fullest efficiency and potential. Here at MIT Consulting, we are an IT support company Toronto providing Toronto hosted systems dedicated to serving all your IT and cloud-based needs!


What Can The Cloud Do For Me And My Team?


Data loss is always a huge issue looming over any business. A computer failure, someone gets a virus, the dreaded blue screen of death, or a power outage hits unexpectedly everything you have worked on could be in serious danger. With cloud-based storage, it is stored remotely benign fully saved from whatever issues you might face. Nobody likes redoing all their work and wasting their time and the companies, and with cloud-hosted systems, this can be a thing of the past, letting you can access files as if nothing happened. 


Security is another benefit, cloud services protect you from hackers or other people without direct access getting into your files and work. Cloud servers work hard to protect against any potential threats and upgrade their security regularly with no additional cost or effort on your part.


Accessibility Is Key 


Stop relying on ageing, expensive hardware that can leave holes for cybercrime to creep in and attack. Using cloud data centre services you can get rid of any bulky applications and services taking up space and also make them available anytime, anywhere. There is also the benefit of automated backups severely improving risk management.


One of the best points of cloud-based services is that you can work whenever and wherever you and your team want. No need for loading everything up onto an external hard drive or USB and running the risk of forgetting it for conferences out of town. You can access anything you want no matter the device as long as you have internet access, this is fantastic for more than conferences though, working in a cafe, working from home, reviewing files on a taxi ride, the possibilities are endless.


Huge Savings Await You If You Switch To The Cloud!


The costs of maintaining, buying and updating equipment, time spent redoing work or finding files, all these things and more can really build-up, but with cloud computing that will be off your plate. The cost of cloud computing completely scales and grows with your company, there are no set plans where one option won’t be enough for you and your team and the other would be too much and have you end up paying for more than you actually use. 


Ready To Update And Upgrade Your Business?


Cloud services can help take the worry off your mind of backups, hardware, and storage; letting you focus on your goals, team, and work to provide the best service you can for your clients. Get started with cloud service to lighten your mental load and hard drives so you can get back to doing what your best at. 

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