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Cloud Consulting
Streamline I.T. to Save Money, Improve Efficiency, and Pursue Success

Cloud Consulting

In the modern marketplace, creating a reliable virtual infrastructure is considered a business best practice. Whether you’re doing business in the legal, medical, education, manufacturing, or technology sector, cloud computing can help you optimize your process and increase profitability.

But what’s cloud computing?

Distilled to its core, cloud computing is a means of consolidating all of your company’s IT services in a centralized facility and making them accessible to authorized users through any device with an internet connection.

M.I.T Consulting offers hosted services, systems virtualization, and software development solutions. More than a virtual infrastructure vendor, we offer comprehensive IT support for business owners in the Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Ottawa, Kingston, and abroad. In the same way that you’d turn to a contractor to build your office, it’s in your best interested to contact an IT consulting firm to build your virtual infrastructure.

Find out what benefits the right cloud technology has in store for you.

Above all else, I.T. should save you TIME by making employees more productive, operations run faster, and goals easier to pursue. One of the greatest I.T. tools at your fingertips to streamline your business is the cloud. We’ll help you discover the right technology to really leverage the power of the cloud, and answer these important questions for you:

  • Can my staff easily and safely access work data outside the office?
  • How do I save money by eliminating unnecessary technology?
  • Is my I.T. fast and reliable enough to keep my staff productive?
  • Can I automate and streamline operations we complete every day?

Discover the right technology for your needs. Turn to {company} to leverage the power of the cloud and streamline I.T. for success. Call us at {phone}.

Hosted Services

Move vital processes to the cloud to save money and go mobile.

  • Access applications and services safely via the Internet
  • Encourage collaboration with remote file sharing
  • Get automated backups, updates, and patches for all your hosted services
  • And more

Systems Virtualization

Run virtual systems off simplified hardware to optimize your technology.

  • Run multiple programs and services without hefty, expensive hardware
  • Improve application performance and keep employees productive
  • Avoid fees for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades
  • And more

Software Development

Leverage technology truly tailored to your business.

  • Custom apps designed to your specifications
  • Use custom software on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more
  • Automate daily operations and streamline vital processes
  • And more

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