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Traditional landlines have long been the standard tool for businesses to keep in touch with their partners and their in-house team. As time has passed, however, landlines are used much less commonly, unless as a last resort for an emergency. Nowadays, a VOIP phone provider will provide companies with an all-in-one communication system that uses the Internet to deliver the important calls you need to make. A VOIP system for your workplace will streamline your business operations while giving your team greater mobility, interoperability, and connectivity in a busy workplace. 

At MIT Consulting, we provide small and large businesses with VOIP system setup and tech support services to help your company function better. We believe communication is important to your work function and a VOIP phone system will help you make sure your calls are properly connected. 

Contact MIT Consulting now if you’re in immediate need of a VOIP phone over your current landline system. The VOIP system carries many benefits for you and your team, especially if you want to avoid any missed calls. 

Why Should I Switch To A VOIP System For My Business?

VOIP phones are more useful than traditional phones because they can work anywhere at any time, no matter which location you’re in. As long as you have a great Internet connection, you’ll be able to make and receive calls more flexibly, even from an app on your computer. 

Moreover, VOIP systems are easier to install and setup, requiring easier scaling and a range of device options that can be used. It had a wide availability and cheaper economical commitments, compared to a standard phone line. Devices using VOIP can be seamlessly connected to other existing internet connections and can be easily integrated with other software applications. 

Even if you’re still using a landline telephone, the technology for VOIP phones can support older technology. It also provides your workers with virtual numbers that can track the calls made during each conference or meeting. VOIP phone systems can also save your company a good amount of money in the long run. 

How Does A VOIP System Save My Company Money?

Because a VOIP phone uses the Internet to help you make calls, it results in a lower cost-per-call rate that leads to less money owed every month. Communication data transmitted over a VOIP system turns into packets sent over an IP network, where a guaranteed quality of service can be made. Traditional phone lines require many lines to be installed and can make long-distance calls much more expensive. With a VOIP system, this problem is circumvented by making domestic and long-distance calls cheaper and easier to conduct overall, at no additional costs.  

For small businesses in particular, you can expect between 45%-60% in monthly domestic phone cost savings and 90% on international call savings. Traditional landlines can cost double as much as a VOIP service to operate (around $50 per month compared to less than $20 per month), so that it greatly benefits a business that operates globally. 

Some of the more direct cost savings for your company come in the fall of data carriage costs incurred on a call. Data service can be priced out heavily by most small businesses, making it harder to keep it as part of the budget. However, times have changed and with the Internet available at very high speeds, data costs for VOIP phones have also dropped. 

VOIP systems are increasingly accessible and allow you the opportunity to use add-on features at no extra cost. They’re cheaper than landlines and also provide a better experience for your employees and the customers they serve. 

How Does The VOIP System Provide My Customers With A Better Experience?

VOIP phone systems have no physical limitations and allow you the freedom to move as your work demands it without any added stress. The phone systems are technologically advanced and let you multi-task during your productive work hours. VOIP phones let you choose where, when, and how your calls ring. For example, you may have a call waiting and the VOIP system lets you strategize your next call, as well as read over voicemails through transcriptions sent directly to your email. 

VOIP systems are interconnected with the Internet and can improve your overall work approach. You can set up different settings to forward voicemails to a second or third device, like a mobile phone or laptop, in the case of a power or Internet outage. If you aren’t able to answer a call on your VOIP office phone, you should be able to answer it on your alternate devices. 

Get in touch with MIT Consulting today if you’re interested in adding a VOIP system for your workplace. Contact us now to get a quote about our fast, reliable IT and tech support services for businesses. 

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