Switch To VOIP Phones For Your Business: 20 Features To 20x Your Productivity And Save Time! | VOIP Phone Services, GTA

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the future for all businesses because it processes all your communications under one protocol.

 The VOIP system employs the benefits of the internet to make and receive phone calls, and reduces missed connections that arise from a traditional landline phone. VOIP business phone services in Toronto helps you convert to a VOIP system efficiently and reduces the time-consuming modes attached to traditional landline phone systems. 

MIT Consulting is the industry-leading VOIP IT service provider in Toronto that combines the traditional use of a landline system with the progressive cyber techniques used to advance your business online. MIT Consulting is a trusted VOIP phone provider in Toronto, the surrounding GTA and servicing Eastern businesses in Kingston and Ottawa.


The Benefits Are Worth It!

VOIP has increasingly been more progressive than a conventional landline system and here is the ongoing proof:

Advanced Call Management: Reduce customer frustration by instantly prioritizing, holding, routing and blocking calls. 

Anonymous Call Rejection: VOIP prevents blocked or anonymous calls from reaching your business. 

Call Analytics: VOIP records important data such as behavioral trends, business metrics and performance to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Call Presence: You will able to see who is busy on a call, or free to take the next urgent call so that your customers avoid the frustration of being on hold for long periods of time. 

Call Pulling: VOIP moves your call from one advice to another, like a desktop to your personal phone, without a hitch so that you can continue to advance your business without having to be stuck in one place.

Call Recording: Improve revenue and enhance customer service by recording phone calls. Recorded calls improve overall business quality and corrects staff procedures.

Call Routing: VOIP reroutes calls based on customer typer, propose, ownership, performance and staff availability.

Conference Bridge: Feature that allows you to have more than three people on a call, useful to create collaboration with participants in different locations. 

Find Me/Follow Me: You’re busy and VOIP understands that; this feature allows all callers to reach you over the course of multiple phone numbers.

Hot Desking: Log into any advice and have your agent profile settings synced automatically.

Instant Messaging: VOIP enables instant messaging if you want options other than phone calls and emailing.

Priority Alerts: VOIP system arranges unique rings for important and valued customers so that you don’t have to miss any crucial message.

Push-to-Talk: A progressive intercom system where participants can press a button to raise their questions and concerns without having to interrupt other members. 

Softphone: The top features of the VOIP system; the softphone software allows you to attach all your work devices (desktop, tablet) to be connected under one system giving you increased flexibility and performance.

Speed Dial: Saving time by eliminating long phone numbers, directing you to the appropriate customers faster and more efficiently.

Toll-Free Number: Offer all your customers the option to call you whenever, wherever without charging them a dime.

Video Conferencing: Present your product, close deals and appropriately negotiate using video aid.

Voicemail Greetings: Adding a personalized message to your callers shows that they are an appreciated asset to your company. 

Voicemail to Text: VOIP transcries calls and text them to you so you don’t overlook any important information.

Unlimited Voice Calls: Erase the worry of a full voicemail from the landline and choose the unlimited voice calls provided by a MIT VOIP system.


Reroute Your Business In The Right Direction With VoIP Phone Service in Toronto

A VOIP system increases overall efficiency and activity and at MIT Consulting, we understand that time is money. The VOIP benefits reroute your problems so that you have more time building your business instead of taking care of missed opportunities.

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