Tech Support Company, Toronto – Benefits of Cloud Computing with a Team Working from Home

Work form home has been on the rise for anyone that can manage that and with that comes new problems in running a business and keeping the team all working together cohesively. Work from home has been something up and coming for a while now, with many different fields trying it out for various reasons but never to such an extend so fast before. 

With this sudden change and new issues its more important than ever to stay on top, that’s why M.I.T. Consulting is a dedicated tech support company in Toronto providing support in any IT region you might need including cloud computing and website support in Markham.



Quick Review – What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is so ubiquitous now that you are probably already using it without knowing it! Services like Google Drive, Slack, iCloud, Google Docs, Zoom, and Dropbox operate on a cloud-based system that lets you have the benefits of real-time updates, multiple editors and contributors, access from anywhere, and more. 



Cloud Technology Boosts Stay Home Productivity

Know you know some cloud services you can see how already it has benefited working from home. Its benefits can range depending on your business, from just general day to day work to taking reliance off of physical data centers, and have a secure connection no matter where your employees’ situation.

Cloud services also let you expand quickly and easily, so even if you had a smaller plan set up its no issue to upgrade and expand capacity to fit all the influx of new work from home employees. This is a huge benefit cloud computing offers, fitting to you so you won’t pay for more than you need or struggle with trying to make a lesser plan work out. 



Great Security No Matter What

Another fantastic benefit is seamless usage, having your applications upgrade in the background to minimize downtime waiting for updates and things like recovery, file history, and auto-save; letting you undo any mistakes with just a click of a button and keep everything up to date no matter if that dreaded blue screen pops up on your computer. So no matter if your employees’ situation; working on an old computer, a program fails, poor internet connection, gets infected with a computer virus, or a power outage happens everything is saved remotely thus having nothing deleted and no worries with recovery. 

File saving security isn’t all, cloud services can also benefit you from hackers and anyone who would try to directly attack your work. With the influx of work from home, this is an even more ever-present issue, hackers might think your business would be an easy target but cloud servers work hard to protect against potential threats and make sure to upgrade their security regularly with no extra effort on your part.



Time to Take Advantage of the Cloud!

Don’t let your productivity slack off and small issues get in the way of growing your business. With cloud computing, you can avoid hackers, lost files, miscommunication, and more no matter where your employees are. Cloud services like google docs and zoom have benefited you before now its time to use them to their full potential. M.I.T. Consulting is here to help you along the whole process making it easy and effortless on your part to move to the next step in work from home productivity.

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