Technology Trends in 2023: How They Will Affect IT & Network Support Infrastructure

Technology is constantly evolving in order to satisfy our daily needs and further improve our lifestyles. Innovative trends are always happening and many businesses have already begun to adapt to technology changing workplace operations. Because there are a lot of technological developments happening, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, especially since they can affect your current IT network infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

At MIT Consulting, we provide reliable IT & network support services in Ontario and will upgrade, inspect, or repair any problems with your workplace systems. We boast a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that provide excellent customer service. Our technicians and IT specialists will help inform you of the latest technology developments to improve your current IT infrastructure. 

It’s important to keep an eye on upcoming technology trends in 2023 and be prepared to adjust if the situation calls for it. Here are some questions you need to consider with regards to potential technology trends in 2023. 

Why is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Important? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new technology that has been increasingly used by many companies in the past year. Their popularity stems from the routine, automated tasks AI systems can perform daily in almost every industry. AI can apply deep learning, autonomous decision-making, and human speech processing to enhance current app or software systems, improving the service provided to a user. 

For many small to medium-sized businesses, AI can be a game-changing technology. They can enhance current software systems to improve workflow or provide more accessible service. Advanced AI applications are also readily available via monthly subscriptions priced at relatively low costs. It’s already greatly changing many industries and, as the technology becomes more sophisticated and simple to use, its application will continue to increase. 

Some examples of AI technology being put to good use can be found in healthcare. AI can be used to diagnose diseases, develop new treatments for current ailments, and assist in providing personalized care. Within the financial sector, AI systems have been effectively used for fraud detection and improving risk assessment tasks. Even in the retail sector, AI has been used as algorithms to recommend different products to customers, as well as handling contactless payment. 

In regards to IT network security and support, AI systems will only provide additional measures to keep your assets safe. If you are facing a minor tech issue with one of your software, AI chatbots can provide helpful advice to get you the help you need. Overall, AI technology will continue to be used by more people and companies and its capabilities will only advance further. 

How Will Cybersecurity Be Enhanced? 

With evolving technology in 2023, updates to current cybersecurity measures will be needed to combat increasingly sophisticated malware and virus attacks. The application of multiple security checkpoints like two-factor authentication can help businesses protect their important data and assets from external parties. 

One way this is accomplished is by embedding security within the products we use for work. Many technology companies are actively trying to improve cybersecurity in regular services, internet networks, mobile devices, web browsers, and emails. This is being done by implementing multiple profiles across access management protocols, applying staff matching pools, and adopting broad zero-trust security networks. 

From a worker standpoint, improving cybersecurity begins with adding tech-savvy members to executive boards that make the big decisions. It also involves applying higher compliance and security testing requirements for many workplace products and services. Moreover, collaboration among different cybersecurity services will be needed to standardize security functions for your business. 

Even as hackers begin to hone their virus technology to hijack your assets, modern cybersecurity services are more than prepared to prevent leaks and system breakdowns. As such, look for these cybersecurity systems to advance further in 2023. 

What is the Future of Internet Connected Devices? 

As the world demands high network connectivity speeds, the importance of the internet of things (IoT) cannot be overlooked. IoT refers to a growing number of devices that use the internet to deliver their functions. They can range from smart TV sets, home appliances, industrial machinery, and other computer devices. Multiple industries are heavily relying on IoT technology to provide their services and they need high-speed, consistent internet connections to do so. 

Technology is always changing and next year’s trends may not take shape as what we’ve predicted at this moment. At MIT Consulting, we’ll help your business stay ahead of technological trends and provide you with excellent IT network support and cybersecurity assistance. Contact us at (416) 250-1040 to get a free support call if you’re a new client. 

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