Three Amazing Password Managers That Will Take the Worry Out of Your Hands!

Password ManagerAre you tired of coming up with a new password for every service you sign up for? Are you guilty of writing down your passwords so you don’t forget them? If so, a Password Manager is probably the right tool for you!

There are so many benefits to using a password manager; here is a list of a few of the extremely beneficial features on password manager services:

  • It saves you from having to remember your passwords.
  • This subsequently allows you to come up with really strong passwords for all your accounts, since you don’t actually have to memorize them.
  • Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you’ll have to open the password manager every time you need to remember your passwords. The password manager automatically fills in your username and password on your accounts.
  • Some password manager’s come with the capability of filling in your credit card details when you shop online. Since the password manager fills in your checkout forms for you, keystroke loggers won’t be able to swipe your credit card number.

The Best Password Managers 

  1. LastPass

With LastPass, your usernames and passwords are encrypted and stored online. When your login details are synced to your computers and mobile devices, they’re also encrypted during that delivery. When the data is at rest, it’s encrypted in such a way that even the company members at LastPass are unable to see it. So you don’t have to worry about any government agencies getting their hands on all your private information.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane has features related to online shopping. It can auto-fill your credit card information so you don’t have to manually type it and risk having keystrokes logged. It also takes screenshots in the background while you’re checking out so if anything were to go wrong, you’d have evidence of all the confirmation pages. This is useful if the online retailer does not send a confirmation email, or it gets sent to your junk folder. Dashlane makes sure you’re protected and leaves the worry out of your hands.

  1. Roboform Everywhere

Roboform Everywhere is a great password manager tool because it not only files away your passwords, and automatically fills out login and checkout forms, but it fills out any type of sign up form in general. Many other password managers are beginning to follow this trend, but Roboform was one of the first programs to start it. These features will save you tons of time.

If you are constantly engaging in online activity it might be beneficial to your personal or business security to use a password manager. With the many benefits and different options to choose from, a password manager is a great way to build on security. Don’t wait any longer, protect your passwords and begin working online more efficiently!

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