Top 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2016

Is Your Organization Ready for the Upcoming Years Security Threats?

Over the past couple decades, cyber threats have gone from a minor annoyance to a major recurring and increasing challenge. What would once just damage your computer, has now evolved into a threat that can destroy your technology, your livelihood, and expose your and your customers critical information to hordes of criminals who can and will ruin your financial life. It seems as if no matter how many security measures we come up with to protect ourselves from these threats, the cyber criminals of the world are coming up with new and ingenious ways to get around them.

2015 has seen its fair share of major cyber security breaches throughout industries ranging from the medical sector to major government agencies throughout the world, and although we have used these cyber crimes to come up with enhanced ways to defend from such attacks, it almost seems as if these cyber criminals are always a step ahead.

security predictions

So how will the cybersecurity threat evolve in 2016, you may ask? Some of the world’s top technology experts think that they have a good idea of what some of the cyber threats, as well cyber security upgrades we can expect to see in the upcoming year, here are 5 of them.

  1. The Channel and the US Government Will Seek to Align

U.S based systems have become a critical target for not only foreign hackers but rogue nations as well. That being said, MSP’s and VAR’s will more than likely welcome increased guidance from the White House, a move that will more than certainly require its foreign policy to evolve. It will also promote businesses to have increased security solutions for their organizations to align with the developing foreign policies that may occur.

  1. Companies will need to be current on IoT

With enterprise and midmarket becoming an increasingly preferred target for cybercriminals, businesses will need to be up to date on IoT (Internet of Things) to efficiently handle the myriad of security risks that the future has in store for them.

  1. IoT Devices Will Become Prime Targets for Malware

 If it weren’t already bad enough that our personal medical information is consistently at risk of a malware attack, it would now appear that the medical devices designed to save our lives will be in danger too. That’s according to a prediction by Information Management that describes an era of ransomware attacks on both medical devices and mission-critical healthcare systems.

  1. HIPAA Audits Will Accelerate

You may be up to date on HIPAA today, but what about tomorrow? Compliance mandates are evolving every year- they have to. That being said, businesses will need to ready themselves for not only the HIPPA 2016 audits but the PCI DSS 3.1 security requirements that have to be addressed by July 2016. This will increase most organizations need to direct a large portion of their focus on both tracking and addressing these moving compliance targets.

  1. Customers Should Expect Built-In Security with Their Managed and Cloud Services

While most business owners may not know the ins and outs of technology management, they do know that cyber security serves as the backbone of their business, and should be expecting for their security solutions to be included with IT managed and Cloud services.

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