Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Free Software

Free SoftwareThe world has changed and many security threats are roaming around the Internet. Having the right tools on your side are crucial to making sure you don’t get viruses and that they aren’t spreading throughout your home network. Sophos is a company that has programs available for network protection and security detection. Three of the main free tools they offer include:

  • Mobile protection – from malware, loss and theft and cloud intelligence with SophosLabs
  • Antivirus for Mac (Home Edition) – finds and removes viruses, Trojans and worms and stops threats
  • Windows Virus Removal Tool – finds and removes viruses that are in the system (supports Windows XP SP2 and up)

But the good stuff is never free, as at the top of the page they bring you to their full product lineup.

1.   You Need Proper Support

There is always more than just finding and removing threats; phishing scams, malware and CyberLocker contamination, network hacks and multiple email filters. Proper IT support will help you by offering all of these services with a proactive approach. Simple barriers will not keep an army out forever and you need to be prepared and strategic – something the free stuff doesn’t offer you.

2.   From past to Present, Mac at Its Finest

Before, Apple claimed their operating systems to be impenetrable. Hackers didn’t bother and coders never made viruses for them, but that’s because they weren’t popular. If you wanted to steal mass amounts of information would you target a single network or thousands of networks? The answer is simple: thousands of networks. But now, because Macs are becoming popular, people are jumping on board and your system is vulnerable. If you have a Mac be sure to secure your systems with {company}, in order to have high-threat detection and prevention.

3.   Adware and Bloatware

Nothing comes free because these companies need to make money, too. How else will they provide you with up-to-date virus protection? When you install these freebees, you will come across agreements that incorporate installing secondary programs. Many of these programs bloat your computer and cause them to stall or slow down. Be sure you know what you are getting into because paid software and services function off of your purchases, not advertisements. If you’re unsure of whether you’ve accidentally installed programs you don’t really want in your systems, {company} can help review your networks to slim them down and get them back to their best.

4.   Email Filtering

Most freeware comes with basic spam and virus detection for emails. However, it’s not hard for spam to mask itself and get past the one filter and into your email. Proper security and email filtering, provided by {company}, will ensure the utmost quality of email filtering and not have phishing scams, malware, viruses or spam enter your inbox. If you decide to continue with the free software (freeware), be sure you know what you are opening so you don’t let threats into your system.

5.  Mobile Security

Your mobile phone is a computer, whether you think of it as one, or not, and it is still prone to mass security threats and theft. With the increase of smartphones, everyone has to have one and people will go at lengths to steal it. It also doesn’t help people can hack into them over public networks.

On your phone, you will have your schedule, address book, emails, bank statements and pictures of you and your family. This turns out to be more than a simple phone theft, it can turn into a burglary. Having the right software to lock your phone and wipe it remotely is an initiative everyone needs to take. Especially with safety on the line.

Having {company} by your side will make you feel safe and secure in your office and out at the park. Knowing how to proactively deter threats, and prevent them from escalating, means keeping a secure backup of your information and protecting your devices. Contact us by phone, {phone}, or email, {email} to see how {company} can give you a solution for all your needs, today.

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