Understand the ABCs of Online Marketing

Online marketing is the easiest way to reach potential clients today – but do you know how to really target your audience?

Google Ads

Advertising online has a unique lingo that may be lost on you, but that’s okay, the first step is to understand the right keywords to use. Using AdWords is a powerful and extremely effective tool to help zero in on exactly who you’re targeting.

Know Your Audience

Whatever you’re trying to promote for your business, AdWords will give you a huge boost. Creating a list of words related to your field is an easy way to start.

  • Ad Groups consist of different words you use to promote specific areas of your business. You’ll fill Ad Groups with anything you think would be relevant and interesting for your intended audience.
  • The keywords that you use in your Ad Groups are what AdWords uses to target your ads to people searching for your topic online.


  • Your Ad Groups make up a campaign – that’s where you decide on how much you’re going to spend on promotion and what types of devices you’d like your ads to appear on.
  • When someone is searching Google they pull up two types of result. Organic results are displayed most prominently in the center, those are any websites that match your search term, and you can’t pay to show up there. However, paid results appear at the top, bottom, or right-hand side of the screen.

Ad Auction

How do you know if your ads are turning up? An Ad Auction takes place whenever someone performs a search on Google, determining which ads appear when. There are two main factors which determine the outcome:

  • Bid – how much you’re willing to pay for a click.
  • Quality score – an estimate of how relevant and useful your ad and the page it links to are to the person searching.

Using and understanding how AdWords work is a huge step in pushing forwards your online marketing – and it will also be the first step in taking your business to the next level, attracting new clients and increasing business opportunities.

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