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VoIP phones have been on the rise, and especially popular for businesses. But why go through the pain of switching over? Surprising VoIP has many benefits compared to typical landline setups. With the right team behind your new switch over, such as M.I.T. Consulting you can be confident and stress less!

M.I.T. Consulting is an IT support company, well versed in the world of IP that VoIP takes advantage of and is named after. With professional IT relocation services, you can rest assured that the transition to VoIP will be a smooth and comfortable one. M.I.T. Consulting is a trusted company working with many companies and clients within Toronto and GTA ready to help Canadians upgrade their business phone lines today!


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is simply, a type of telephone system that instead of a traditional landline it uses an internet connection. You may hear it referred to as the 

“IP telephone”. VoIP has been on the rise as a practical option for businesses recently because it provides unified communications.

VoIP lets both voice communications and data to simultaneously run on a single network. This can significantly reduce a business’s infrastructure costs. With VoIP, you can avoid another bill, and paying for a broadband connection and a telephone line.


Why Pick VoIP Over a Landline? It’s Cheaper for One

As mentioned before you can avoid paying for a broadband connection and a telephone line but many people may think those costs just get transferred over to your internet bill. Actually in general VoIP costs less because many phone services have created a monopoly-like environment and charge much higher service costs. Additionally, everyone knows of long-distance charges and limitations with calls. Using a regular line to make calls means just two callers can use it up.


Need To Be On The Go? No Worries

VoIP is perfect for anyone looking to run a business remotely, go on business trips, or anyone with work from employees, or just run a business that requires you to be on the move. Landlines and landlocked, and managing an office landline and additionally your own cell phone or another work phone can become a mess quickly. Migrating phone systems to another office creates a lot more extra work and steps to have everything properly work. With VoIP, as long as you have internet access you can make calls and receive them easier than ever.


High Functionality and Versatility

Business can and will happen everywhere it seems. By using VoIP, even if you are not on the clock or away from your computer any incoming calls can be rerouted directly to your phone wherever and whenever it’s connected to the network. Adopting VoIP allows you to increase overall productivity, even missed calls can have an emailed transcript sent to you so you don’t miss a thing.


But How Hard Is It To Switch From Landlines to VoIP?

Not much is required, and definitely not much more than most modem offices already have. A high-speed internet connection is needed to get the best out of VoIP. But how your internet comes through is up to you, it can be through DSL, using a cable modem, or the local network. Some VoIP services work with just computers while others allow for phones to be connected through an adapter if you prefer. Of course, a mic and headphones can work fine but a headset is best suited for this.


Want to Upgrade Your Communication? Turn to a Trusted VoIP IT Support Company in the GTA

M.I.T. Consulting is ready to take your business phone communications to the next level and here to help you along the way! Call 416-250-1040 to get started and make the switch to VoIP today.


Contact us today to upgrade your business to industry-leading IT solutions!

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