Why SSL Is Important For Your Website?

It’s high time that you adopt advanced security measures to safeguard your website, especially given the mounting number of recent identity theft incidents- the most notable being the Equifax data breach. Starting from the year 2018, if your website doesn’t have SSL certificate, a “Not Secure” message will pop up whenever your customers try to browse your website. This is important not just for e-commerce websites, but every other business out there that engages with its prospects online. Having a SSL certificate means your website is completely secure – your customers can submit their personal details, such as credit card number, phone number, address etc., without stressing about their confidential information being leaked to unintended sources.

So, how does SSL work exactly?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will basically establish a secure connection between the web browser and the web server (i.e. your website). Whenever a user submits his/her personal information on your website, it will travel through various channels of computers in cyberspace before it reaches the main server. It is during this traveling phase when the customers’ personal information is likely to become exposed to the risk of being hacked or altered by third party for nefarious purposes. SSL helps prevent such incidents by encrypting the information by adding some random characters to it. This encrypted message will be readable only to the intended party.

Not only will it provide a sense of security to your customers, but obtaining SSL certification will add to your overall brand power as well. When the customers know that you have invested in facilitating a safe web browsing experience for them, they will definitely want to know you, and even more, become your loyal clients.

The next question is, how will the customers know if your website is SSL certified? It’s pretty simple – if the URL of your website starts with “https”, and not “http”, and there is a lock image in the location bar, this means your website is SSL certified. Today’s customers are internet savvy and smart, and if your website doesn’t have the security certification, they won’t even bother opening up your website, let alone doing business with you.

Levels of Security

There are various levels of SSL certification, each providing a different layer of protection to your website. An e-commerce website that facilitates regular online transactions may require a different level of protection than the websites that don’t engage in exchanging sensitive information that often. Another important factor to pay attention to is the SSL certification provider you choose – some are more reputable than others.

In view of the importance of SSL certification, you might want to be extra cautious and take the assistance of experts like MIT Consulting to ensure you make the best decision. With proven track record of helping customers with their technology requirements for years, MIT advisors will certainly help you incorporate SSL features in your website. No matter the kind of business you own, our team of experts can help you achieve your goal of providing a safe, secure browsing (and buying) experience to your customers.

For more information on how important SSL Certification is to your business website, contact MIT Consulting advisors today

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