4 Ways Educational Institutions Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

IT support for educational institutions

Educational institutions are increasingly reliant upon computers and good technicians to teach their students daily. Many colleges and universities often have an IT support team ready to provide technical assistance whenever possible. With a third-party-managed IT service, they can provide ongoing IT support for educational institutions

MIT Consulting is one of many exceptional Toronto IT consulting firms in the Greater Toronto Area that provides schools with reliable IT support and services at a fixed monthly cost from our most experienced technicians on staff. Moreover, being a third-party managed IT service, we will give your educational institution the flexibility it needs to manage, support, and protect your IT system from breaking down. Still not convinced? Here’s four different ways your school can benefit from our exceptional technical services. 


Industry Experience & Skill

When you hire a third party IT managed service, you are investing in people with the right experience and skills to provide technical assistance. Additionally, managed service personnel have experience helping public schools, private schools, universities, and colleges with their IT support needs and cybersecurity. Ultimately, their job is to provide routine on-demand services to address specific IT concerns for your school and make sure all your hardware and software are up to date. 

Managed IT services also make sure all your technology has a good refresh cycle in case data backups or security updates are needed. Since both teachers and students rely on their school’s computer system, this ensures no security breaches or troubleshooting are needed later on. Regardless of whether your school uses Google, Microsoft, or Apple as their main software, you can have more peace of mind when doing important work on campus. 


Technological Know-How

With great experience and skill comes technological knowledge as well. With the way managed IT services are structured, there is a team of expert engineers on hand to provide reliable IT support services on campus for students and staff, avoiding any leftover gaps in the system. Although an in-house IT support team can deliver the same assistance, the advantage third-party managed services have is that they can provide help at any time to address any of your tech issues. 

By bringing in a third-party managed service provider into your school, we will help alleviate the burdens of staff trying to troubleshoot any problems with your It system. You will have a strategic partner to help navigate the institution’s technological challenges effectively and efficiently. 


Increased Cybersecurity

Managed IT services provide a much needed safety net in terms of cybersecurity and data protection. They help schools develop a secure network with critical security updates to lock hackers out. One example of this is designing an access level hierarchy to prevent students or outside parties from seeing confidential data like grades. In the case of a breach or lost data, they can maintain a reliable backup and recovery system to ensure everything is in place. 

Technicians from managed services can educate and offer guidance to your educational staff to make sure they understand how the technology works and how to safeguard their data from getting lost or stolen.


Operating Cost Savings

Managed IT services operate on a fixed monthly fee and you pay only for the services provided as long as you need them. In addition to gaining access to a team of technicians 24/7, they can help you set up your infrastructure and provide system maintenance every so often required. If teachers need assistance with grading papers or prepping technology for a lesson, they will receive flexible support that will save them more time and money than a full-time on-site team.  


You Deserve the Best IT Infrastructure Support!

Our reliable managed IT services can help your educational institution streamline its IT infrastructure connection through services like a cloud system, ensuring every device used in your school is connected to the same network. We can assist in designing efficient, reliable network architecture with routine monitoring and data storage. Once this is done, you can be assured that your school will be protected and receive outstanding IT support. 

For on-demand IT support starting from $30/month, please call us at (416)-250-1040 to learn more about us and the managed IT services we provide. You can also contact us HERE

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