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Look no further than our On-Demand IT Services. We provide a wide range of sub-services, including upgrades and migrations to new systems, to help businesses of all sizes keep up with constant changes. Our managed services are designed to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and securely, ensuring that you avoid costly downtimes that can harm your business. Whether you’re a startup, medium-sized business, small business, or enterprise, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to take your business to the next level.

The IT Support you Need when you really Need It.

M.I.T. Consulting offers on-demand managed IT services in Toronto made. Whether you need extra hands, or your resident tech provider is unavailable, we can make the transition simpler and smoother with our efficient work.

With our comprehensive managed IT services, we offer adaptable and dependable support tailored to meet your technology requirements. Whether you’re undergoing corporate relocation or implementing new software, our team is here to ensure seamless operations for your business. From on-demand IT services to cutting-edge solutions in Toronto, we provide the answers to your most critical questions like:

Whether you have a specific issue that requires immediate attention or you require ongoing maintenance and support, our team is here to help.

M.I.T. Consulting provides you with all hands on deck for special projects and managed IT services for businesses in Toronto. Click here or Call (416) 250-1040 today.


With our on-demand services, you only pay for the support you need, eliminating the need for full-time IT staff and reducing overhead costs.


Our team consists of highly skilled IT professionals with extensive experience in computer repair, IT system relocation, and POS and retail systems. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements to provide you with the best solutions.

Minimized Downtime

We focus on the customer experience, when you encounter computer issues, system relocations, or POS and retail system problems, we respond quickly to minimize downtime and ensure your business operations continue smoothly.

Enhanced Productivity

You get peace of mind by entrusting us with your IT needs, you can focus on your core business activities, as our support and effective solutions help increase productivity by keeping your systems running smoothly.

Computer Repair and Warranty Centre

The last thing your fast-paced, quickly-evolving business needs is equipment that is unable to support its needs to perform well in the market.

Shopping around for repair centres can be time-consuming, but when you partner with M.I.T. Consulting, you can rest assured that all your equipment breakdowns will be promptly addressed, because our dedicated team of experts excels at diagnosing and resolving issues, ensuring that your computers operate at their optimal performance levels.

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for reliable IT support because we’ve got you covered, including the following expert computer services:

Warranty service and information for Lenovo and ToshibaVirus and malware removalHardware repairs, network setups, and system recoveries.

Don’t let malfunctioning equipment get in the way of good work. Get your computers back up and running with M.I.T. Consulting’s Computer Repair Service by contacting us at info@mitconsulting.ca or (416) 250-1040 today.

IT Relocation Services

We make moving your business simple, and the transition to new technology it needs to stay ahead of the market, seamless. M.I.T. Consulting helps you avoid downtimes usually associated with corporate relocation services and upgrades, we handle the disconnection, transportation, and reinstallation of your equipment, minimizing downtime, keeping you in the loop and the rest of your operations fully functional with these IT services:

Move without restriction and do business beyond borders with M.I.T. Consulting’s efficient IT Relocation. Prepare for the big move at info@mitconsulting.ca or (416) 250-1040 today.

Adapt to evolving trends in the digital age. Simplify your operations and increase your business’ capability to run smoothly and serve more happy customers with modern retail solutions born out of expert-managed IT services and IT solutions in Toronto. Earn more and faster with M.I.T. Consulting’s point-of-sale and retail POS software that let you do the following:

Click here or Call us (416) 250-1040 to connect to our POS and Retail Systems experts.  

Run your business on optimized technology with virtual systems that simplify and reduce your hardware expenses. In-house servers can take up too much space and rack up your power bills. With M.I.T. Consulting and our virtualization partner, VMware technology, you are guaranteed simpler, more flexible, and cost-effective virtual systems. With a virtual system, you can do the following:

Use only the technology you need and avoid the hassle of dealing with incidental costs.

Let M.I.T. Consulting and VMware do the hard work in keeping your tech up and running, while you focus on what you do best. Start at info@mitconsulting.ca or (416) 250-1040 today.

Get the most out of technology that looks and feels as superior as it performs to help you do business processes better in a big city like Toronto. M.I.T. Consulting offers various solutions to help you get the best out of your technological equipment, making sure your investment supports your work. Get these ergonomic IT services and solutions for your business equipment:

From ergonomic assessments to ergonomic equipment installation and cable management, we ensure a healthy and efficient working environment.

Work with efficient tech in a conducive space. M.I.T. Consulting handles your Ergonomics and Mounting needs at info@mitconsulting.ca or (416) 250-1040 today.

Generate profit returns on your tech investments that help you do business better.

Receive valuable guidance and expert support to make informed technology investments that align with your business goals. With our assistance, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and optimize your resources, ensuring that every investment you make adds value to your operations.

M.I.T. Consulting helps you invest in the right technology for your business, for the right reasons:

Manage the IT services you need to get the right help for every movement your business makes. Do smarter business with cost-effective IT solutions in digitally-swept Toronto. Get these IT services and more whenever and wherever you need.

We offer flexible IT financing options to help you acquire the technology and equipment you need without straining your budget. Our financing solutions allow you to invest in the latest IT infrastructure and solutions while maintaining financial

Partner with us for On-Demand IT Services in Toronto GTA, Canada, and experience reliable and efficient support for computer and hardware repair, relocation service, and POS and retail businesses.

Make smart choices for your business and spend your resources wisely with M.I.T. Consulting’s IT Financing plans. Start saving today! Contact us online or by calling (416) 250-1040 today.

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