4 Ways that Reliable Toronto IT Support Can Accelerate Your New Business and Protect Your Sensitive Data

60% of new businesses fall victim to a cyber-attack within 6 months of being in business. 

It’s time to change that.

So you started a new business – you’re passionate and excited for its future and all the potential partnerships you will develop with loyal clients. Just one thing left, strong cybersecurity for your company systems.

Our Toronto IT support can help your new business thrive, whether it’s a small company or a big establishment. MIT Consulting is a trusted Toronto IT consulting firm that provides tough IT security services to help your business prosper in a digital environment. Strong and reliable network security enables your business to stay updated on the latest tech trends and remain shielded from malicious cyber attacks.

On-demand IT Support starting at just $20/month per computer! Call us at 416-250-1040 to get started!


Why is IT support important for my new business?

IT support covers a broad range of services and industries, and at MIT Consulting, we understand the importance of starting on the right foot. With reliable network security, your new business can expand your audience, increase your leads, implement complex operations, keep customers satisfied and attain growing success.

IT services and systems offer a wide variety of solutions and innovative resources that propels your new business to the top. We’re here to make sure that your business is fool-proof and able to rise above the competition without having to worry about sensitive data breaches.


How does implementing IT security services help my new business thrive?

New business owners are faced with a variety of challenges, including hiring and training new staff, client dependence and the need to increase profits to remain in business. The biggest challenge, however, is to implement strong technical support to prevent their business from being targeted from unauthorized access that can jeopardize the reputation of their company. 

Here are four ways in which M.I.T. Consulting can shield your new business from potential cyber-attacks and accelerate the growth of your new business:

  • 24/7 Access to Tech Help

Around-the-clock tech help is imperative in maintaining your new business secure from hackers and unauthorized access. You gain peace of mind knowing that our tech services monitor suspicious activity, and you can call us in any case of cyber emergencies.

  • Higher Client Satisfaction

A loyal rapport with your customers is imperative in ensuring your business survives in a highly competitive market. The more loyal customers you gain, the higher your profits will be. When your system operates at a maximized level, is intuitive to the consumer needs and relieves the stress off your employees, your clients will make sure to come back for additional services that you offer.

  • Improved Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies can be amplified by smooth-running business operations. Proper network security helps introduce new products to your target audience, safely promotes your products and services, keeps track of your sales and ensures that prying hands don’t get a hold of your digital financial assets. 

  • Prevent Breaches and Monitor Performance

Personal and business data is extremely valuable in establishing loyal client partnerships. Any breach of confidentiality can negatively impact your brand and your profits. It’s essential that you invest in the right methods for your data protection, and let our experts identify weaknesses in systems and software that can potentially lead to sensitive data breaches.


Focus on Your New Business While Preventing Against Cyber Attacks with Reliable Toronto IT Support

Your new business relies on profit to stay above the competition and establish itself as a true leader in your industry. Don’t let cyber attackers ruin your chances of gaining the competitive edge above your competition.

It’s time to employ reliable IT support and call our professionals today.

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