Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Whether you are a startup innovation hub or a large firm with hundreds of clients, having software that is user-friendly, capable, and versatile is key for tech efficiency within your company. Since the creation of Microsoft Office 365 in 2010, many businesses have adapted to integrating the system into their networks.

The software suite provides a variety of functions such as word processing, slideshow creation, and spreadsheet functions, just to name a few. Providing the basic functions allow even less tech integrated companies to complete their work and with the ability to create more complex functions and utilize the software in that way, the software becomes a versatile tool to have.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 and how it can efficiently help you run your business operations:

Work from Anywhere

Microsoft Office 365 is not just a software suite that can be installed into your computer — it is an internet powered system which allows you to work remotely. Instead of having to save a document and send it via e-mail every time it requires an edit or approval, the online office software allows work to be updated in real time, providing convenience and easy accessibility.

This also adds to firms that allow their employees to work from home or from a remote location as this function will allow them to track work progresses and efficiency without needing the person in the office. This expands the definition of the office and the capabilities of the work that can be performed, benefiting your company.

Backups for your Backups

One fear many companies had in the past was data and operational work being destroyed or damaged whether that was from internal or external factors. Over 25% of companies that experience disasters where they lose their servers and data do not recover at all.

With Office 365, all the information will be stored in a cloud which is still accessible even if your computer becomes damaged and unusable. The concept of the cloud is amazing — it safekeeps your information so that you are able to access it, making your work readily available.

Safety of your Information

Beyond having a way to keep your information accessible no matter where you are, there is also the idea of preventing theft. With Office 365, you are able to control the devices that can access it. For example, if your laptop gets stolen, you can use the control features to take off access from your computer — keeping your work safe.

In addition to the control of the software, the online applications are accessed through 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption so if a transmission is intercepted by someone, they are unable to read it. There is also up-to-date antivirus and security measures that are integrated with the system.

For the email engine, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) is used to protect mail messages from malware and utilizes anti-spam filtering. For the Office applications, the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is applied to assist with development, deployment, and maintenance. With consistent monitoring of the system for suspicious activity and regular security audits, Microsoft does a great job at securing data on its applications.

Organizational Platforms

With Office 365, you’re able to organize your workload across all functions. Beyond the creation and documenting applications, there is Outlook, an email engine, and a calendar component. This allows your team to manage meetings and deadlines remotely whilst maintaining an efficient environment.

For example, if a meeting e-mail blast was sent to all departments, they could add it to their calendars via the Office software and it will automatically integrate reminders and tasks to do prior to the meeting into the schedule.

Predictable Monthly Costs

For the whole software suite, the monthly billing process is set to your business’ needs. Whether you need more or less users, you are able to change it every month — allowing you to pay for the services that you need.

Without upfront costs, the software does not tie you down to anything. You are able to change your plan or exit the program at any time. With this versatile option, small businesses are able to get started quickly without any permanent decisions.

Redefining Collaborative Work
With online software suites such as Office 365, the accessibility for group collaboration has become easier. With SharePoint, the office space becomes virtually tighter.

This application allows each user account to use 500MB of storage with up to 100GB per site collection. A company can have up to 1TB in total storage. Sharepoint connects all Microsoft applications from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, to Outlook, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and SharePoint Workspace.

On a user interface, they are able to use SharePoint to work collaboratively through editing documents in real time with others. Another feature is PowerPoint broadcasting which allows slideshows to be broadcasted across the Internet. Lastly, all documents are accessible offline — which will reconnect and sync when you have a secure Internet connection. This function allows you to complete work even without Internet.

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