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As the use of technology increases, so does the need for IT security services. While new and innovative pursuits can vastly improve our quality of life, the threat of cyber attacks can hinder people from diving straight into the deep end of the technology pool.

MIT is an IT support company that understands that user interaction is crucial to the success of your small business. We install security measures that don’t interfere with employee productivity.

Our goal is to create the highest level of cybersecurity without slowing down your business. We have helped small businesses in the GTA and surrounding areas to become secure and shield their network from suspicious behaviour and ransomware.

We protect your sensitive data, help your company succeed and safeguard your business against potential cyber threats. MIT reduces the risk for data breaches and increases your chances of maintaining a positive industry reputation.


Why Does My Small Business Need Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity experts are estimating that 5 Trillion dollars will be lost due to security breaching as cyberattacks are increasing in quality and quantity. Your small business will not fall victim to that statistic.

Smaller companies are targeted frequently due to holes in their network infrastructures. 47% of small businesses experienced a cyber attack, and out of those, 44% have experienced multiple attacks. On average, small businesses lose just under $200,000 per single security breach in 2019. 

Can your business handle those costs?

In addition to steep monetary consequences cyberattacks can affect your industry reputation, make you lose a large portion of your customers and increase compliance penalties. 

Organizations are at constant risk of being infiltrated by malicious third parties however enlisting our professional cyber aid and maintaining secure cybersecurity practices will drastically decrease your chances of getting hacked.  


What are Good Cybersecurity Practices?

Network Security: Using a strong password and changing it periodically can deter a majority of hackers. Ensure that it’s secured properly when it is initially set up to prevent unwanted changes to your network by intruders.

Updated Upgrades: Frequent updates will protect your online tools that are vulnerable to hacking. Updates deter from ‘holes’ in your network that can grant hackers access to your personal data.

Data Encryption: Having data encrypted both at rest and in transit will limit the interaction with unwanted visitors.

Data Backups: Your small business relies on its data. Backing up your classified business information on a separate method will ensure that your data will not be stolen.

Appropriate Employee Training: Your business can succeed or fail at the hands of your employees. A majority of the time, cybersecurity breaches happen due to the lack of training that fails to educate employees on secure cybersecurity practices. Guiding your employees to choose detailed passwords, remain professional and private when a third party asks them about business data and teaching them about common schemes can decrease your chances of leaked information and hacking.

VPNs and Firewalls: Virtual Private Networks drastically increase your chances of your small business remaining secure. By adding an extra layer of security to your network, the chances of security breaches diminish.

Cloud Security: Installing a reliable cloud infrastructure will help your small business maintain lower upfront costs, increases network reliability and decreases administrative financial burdens.  


Protect Your Small Business From Vicious Cyberattacks – Enlist Our IT Security Services

Implementing the right security measures to help your small business can feel overwhelming. MIT is here to help you and your business combat malicious ransomware and breaches that can potentially sink your company. 

Call us to start protecting your business against vicious security breaches at 416-250-1040 

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