How Encrypting Sensitive Data Benefits Remote Working | Combat Cyber Breaches with Reliable IT Support Services in Toronto

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In today’s digital world, your company’s website is a direct channel to interact with potential customers and form partnerships with promising business associates. Having a secure website is not only the face of your company, but it also is a factor in building trust between you and whoever is at the other end of the screen. M.I.T. Consulting provides secure IT support services in Toronto that help shield your business network and safeguard your employees while working remotely.

We are professional website support in Toronto that provides your network with superior protection against potential cyber-attacks and state-of-the-art malware. 2021 is one of the most serious economic digital security challenges, with a majority of businesses having to move their employees to remote work. Especially in cases where you own a small business, it’s vital that you shield your business network and reduce any instances of financial and reputational loss. 

Today’s websites are continually targeted by cyberthieves that want to benefit. Your company is not going to be another cybercrime statistic – here’s why you should call our Toronto IT support today and ensure your business is protected from the office and from home.


What are the risks of remote working?

When it comes to securing your remote employees’ computers, the most viable option for security is implementing tenacious cybersecurity protocols. Here are some ways that your network can be secure while working from home:

  • Encrypted file sharing

Sensitive information is transmitted daily from one device to another, whether it’s a mobile phone, a laptop or a desktop workstation. Encryption of various platforms including email, voicemail data and Dropbox can significantly increase your remote network security.

  • Encrypting personal devices

Let’s be honest. When employees work remotely, they don’t pack up everything from their office and transfer it to their home – instead, they utilize their own personal devices for business tasks. While this is time-efficient and low-cost, personal devices can pose a threat to the professional network that hackers can exploit. Encrypting personal devices can ensure that all sensitive data remains within the network and decrease the chances of unauthorized public access.

  • Implementing strong passwords

80% of cyber attacks happened due to weak passwords.

Even if your company is adamant about VPN’s, firewalls, and cybersecurity software, passwords can serve as the ‘human error’ component to leaking sensitive data. Cracking a simple password is the gateway to all your company’s data. Ensure you and your employees frequently change passwords, form passwords that are 12 letters and numbers, and add punctuation. It may seem like a trivial way to secure your business network, but it is one of the most effective ways to prevent cyber attacks.


What are the benefits of a secured website?

Encryption. The modern-day saviour of sensitive information. A highly secured website encrypts the personal data on the website and prevents any unauthorized access from reaching it. Along with your company’s data being secured, your clients’ information is also protected, extending the trust and value that you have promised since the beginning. A remote secured business network has many benefits including:

  • Leverages existing security investments
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Cost-efficient
  • Streamlines daily processes between employees
  • Reduces risk from external cyber threats


Ensure your remote business network is equipped with the best IT support in Toronto and the GTA!

An unsecured website can negatively impact your business’ revenue, tarnish your reputation and potentially damage partnerships with valuable clients. We are dedicated to reducing your network’s malware infections, phishing, malware, email scams and backdoors with reliable IT support in Toronto.

Contact us today and set your business up for success starting at $20/month per computer!


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