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It’s not uncommon for small companies to only consider investing in their online security and safety too late well after they get hit by an attack. With how the world of business changes and develops, we rely on our computers and the internet more and more each year. 

M.I.T. Consulting is ready to be your defence; being one of the top Toronto small business IT consulting firms with the aim of your security and comfort. Our team also offers IT relocation services to fit your business needs perfectly no matter what.


Why Do I Need Cybersecurity as a Small Business?

The media has probably misled you with the wrong idea of hackers, typically they don’t go after banks, huge companies, politicians, and such people in high positions of power. Anything and everything can be viable to them to sell and make a profit or take advantage of someone. Even with just your name, email address, and contacts they can use this to scam anyone in your contacts and get to more personal, and thus more expensive, information.

Smaller companies are a popular target for hackers, because of misconceptions like this, and thinking they won’t bother with a “small fish”. Client information, records, anything that’s NDA, staff information, and more can be worthwhile to get for cyber attackers to target small businesses for quick work. But luckily for you as a small business most cyber attackers won’t put in much effort or time for a lower payoff of information. So with that, having some security even if it’s not what powerhouse big companies would use, can stop hackers and get them to stop their attempts.


Then What Should I Do to Protect Myself?

Of course, there are some steps you can implement right away with little hassle; like installing firewalls and malware protection programs, educating your employees, backing up data, and changing passwords. Just by accidentally clicking on a phishing scam or downloading a malicious program, a single click on a link can be the thing that leads to your defences being penetrated. Which lets cyber attackers make their way to your inner systems or drives to do even worse damage. 

But because every business is different its best to meet with a professional to see what your tactic should be. Businesses working with clients outside of the country, working in information-heavy fields, big clients, having certain connections, and more can change what is the best fit for you. Luckily, protection plans are generally custom made for each business to make sure anything and everything is properly protected no matter your services or experience.

Having a consultation and working together with experts in this area can really give you a leg up on any people with ill intent targeting your business or your clients. Cybercrime is an ever-evolving thing, with each new protection there is a new attack on the way. Meanwhile, for people in certain fields with new programs and services also coming up all the time it is hard to keep up with any potential issues that can pop up. Having a professional who fully understands and recognizes this backing you up helps to make sure you never fall behind and that your defences don’t weaken.


It’s Time to Boost Your Castle’s Defences

Cybersecurity stressing you out? Turn to the professionals to take it off your hands so you can do what you do best! M.I.T. Consulting will make the whole process easy for you because we take the time to understand your business and fit your needs exactly, making you confident in your security 24/7! 


Contact us today to protect your business with industry-leading IT security services!

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