IT Trends in 2019 That Will Forever Change the Way You Use Technology!


As part of a generation that consumes its content digitally, you’re either one of two people; a tech junkie or a casual user. Regardless of what label applies, this article is for you (and you’ll soon see why)!

2019 promises to bring with it significant transformations in the digital realm. And with such a massive technology shift, businesses will scramble to keep up. If your business banks on leading IT support services in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place!

There are plenty of surprises in store that will help businesses move their operations forward in the coming year. At the heart of every sound technology investment lies four crucial factors – the customer, the employee, the company’s continuity and the work culture. As such, the 21st century IT user is compelled to evolve and learn out of necessity, if not desire.

Below, we’ve summarized what you can expect from technology in 2019.



Is AI Taking Over Our Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence has quickly become a buzzword in recent times and continues to demand attention as we surge forward into the new year. Since its introduction in 1956, it has affected every facet of our lives – the way we live, play, work and communicate. AI has advanced to a stage wherein it can mimic human intelligence to a startling degree. It even supersedes human intellect, given the fact that it can perform tasks quickly while eliminating the possibility of human error. It performs image recognition, analyzes and responds to speech patterns in the case of chatbots and even inspects day-to-day logistics to make crucial business decisions.

AI is closely connected with automation, something that employees fear will cost them their jobs. In fact, studies reveal that AI will effectively replace over 70 million people by 2030. On the flip side, AI is also expected to create jobs by about 23 million come 2020. Job sectors include testing, programming, development, maintenance, and support.


The Indomitable Evolution of Blockchain

Blockchain is a term you’ve no doubt heard before, although its meaning might elude you. It is described as a digital ledger that allows the user to create data that can only be added to. It restricts the user from changing previous data. The word “chain” alludes to the fact that you are essentially creating a “chain” of data from one block to the next.

Since you aren’t allowed to alter previous data, the system is that much more accurate and secure. Blockchain doesn’t necessitate third parties from having to monitor or validate your transactions. It is this elevated security that makes blockchain one of the more popular tools relating to cryptocurrencies. It is also creating waves in the medical world by affording confidentiality for sensitive medical data. Moreover, the financial world uses it as well to cater to a wide range of applications pertaining to transporting goods and delivering services.

Studies indicate that blockchain technology produces the most jobs, with about 15 openings for one blockchain developer. There is a lot of growth potential for people involved in blockchain in the engineering, consultancy, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail realms.


Advanced Cyber Security Tools Are the Need of the Hour

It’s no secret that cybercrime has been rampant in recent years, with hackers using advanced vectors to infiltrate unprotected users’ systems and use their confidential data for unauthorized purposes.

Online threats are new as they are evolving. Security tactics are often playing catch up to address these unforeseen attacks on IT infrastructures. Even the toughest security measures sometimes prove to be a paper wall for seasoned hackers.

Three of the more recent security advancements that are likely to further evolve in 2019 are; hardware authentication, deep learning and cloud technology. Behavioural analytics and data loss prevention tactics will also come to the forefront to combat illegal breaches.

As a nod of acknowledgment to growing online threats, jobs pertaining to cybersecurity have grown four times faster than other technology-related careers. Some studies predict that about 4 million cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled come 2021. This thriving profession usually comes part and parcel with a six-figure income, and a diverse range of roles such as ethical hackers, security engineers, and the likes.


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