Moving Offices? Let Our Office Relocation Tech Support Services Do All The Work!

Many businesses are constantly changing in the modern work world and being adaptable to your workplace is an important quality. For small companies and startups, in particular, office relocation is as routine as the small margins as these businesses operate. As such, a degree of flexibility and professionalism is needed to seamlessly move office tech into a new location. 

If your business is planning a big office relocation, contact MIT Consulting today to rely on an experienced electronic mover to reinstall every cable and computer part for your system. We’re a hardware leasing company that provides business owners with tech support services for their daily work operations. Our technical team functions as an outsourced IT company that can not only help you relocate easier and faster, but also save you a significant amount of money in the process. 

Office relocation can have many moving parts during the process, but we’ll ensure you have a seamless and speedy experience transporting all your important hardware around. 


In a competitive fast market, you truly need a partner who understands your business and treats it like their own. We’re your personal IT department, and you can count on us to take care of everything connected to information technology.

How Long Does It Take To Relocate An Office?

The amount of time it takes to relocate an entire office largely depends on how big the company is, the amount of technical infrastructure they possess, and the business providing them with the moving service. Qualified moving businesses will often arrange everything so that you can focus on reaching your business goals. 

All in all, office relocation can take between one and two months to fully complete. How fast or slow the process can go depends on the size of the team. A business with many employees will usually require a large space to work in, making it longer to connect everything back together. Small companies will relocate more often than established companies to managed offices because it’s more cost-effective. Office relocation is all about flexibility and managed offices will often have features customized to a company’s requirements. 

Although the office relocation process can be slow for some businesses, a good amount of care is the talent to ensure all your technology is safely and quickly moved to its new place. 

How Do I Move My Company’s Office?

The actual process of moving your office to a new location can have many working parts. At MIT Consulting, our experienced technical team will take the time to properly pack, tag, handle, and place all your important equipment hardware in their new respective areas. IT assets such as your computer hardware, servers, phones, and other tech equipment are handled with extreme care during the moving process. These tools can help ensure you provide better business to your clients and we recognize their importance of them. 

The next step afterwards involves strategically disconnecting and reinstalling all the business’ devices. Our team will thoroughly test them to make sure everything is in working order at your new location. We’ll also handle any tangled wires on the floor and keep them away from each other. Once all the tests are completed and every piece of hardware is connected to its right places, the office relocation can be called a success.  

Computer servers, phones, and other important communication tools are key to making your office operational. To make sure that everything goes right, we’ll plan out an ergonomic mounting process that certifies the new space is allocated efficiently for each operation. Our performance tests will adhere to strong technical standards with high-quality results. The final result will be an intricately connected network of office hardware equipment your team can rely on daily. 

Office relocation is a seamless transition and we want to maintain the professionalism your business strives for each day. That’s exactly why you should rely on an outsourced IT company to assist in relocating your office. 

Why Is It Important To Outsource Your Relocation To An IT Company?

By hiring an outsourced IT company to relocate your office, you provide damage mitigation for all your technical hardware and business tools. The likelihood of damage throughout the moving process is considerably mitigated due to the precautions and safety measures taken by our team. 

Another reason why it’s important to rely on our team is that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure nothing gets left behind or damaged in most cases. If we do encounter a technical issue, our technicians will take the time to identify the problem, formulate solutions, and resolve issues quickly. 

Make the easy choice for your business by contacting MIT Consulting now to get the technical relocation services you need. We’ll make sure your business isn’t hampered by disruptions and enhance your team’s productivity. Work with our technical team today to get all your hardware connected in a proper, timely fashion. 

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