Protecting Your Business in 2022: The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication for Your System!

2022 is fast approaching and many businesses are using more and more remote technology to help them with their daily operations. Naturally, this involves employees having to use their computers to log in to workspaces every day. It used to be a very simple process: create a username, strong password, and log in. With more private information being compromised and cybersecurity attacks becoming more rampant, a username and password may not be enough anymore. 

At M.I.T Consulting, we strongly recommend implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) as part of your business’s cybersecurity efforts. Our experienced tech support team will provide extensive IT support and IT consulting for your workplace. We’re available any time you need your IT infrastructure protected while staying compliant with industry standards!

We provide routine on-site technical support around the GTA and have developed industry-specific solutions that are cost-effective and maximize efficiency. That includes helping you set up an MFA to protect your company’s assets from cyberattacks. We’ll go over how effective it can be and the benefits of its practice in the office and how multi-factor authentication can improve your overall security. 

“Every business is unique and requires a personalized IT strategy. At M.I.T, we recognize that companies in the same industry often face similar issues. We have developed industry-specific solutions that maximize efficiency and are cost-effective. Take advantage of M.I.T. Consulting’s Industry-Specific Solutions to maximize the impact I.T. has on your business. We analyze your business and optimize your IT system, so you can get the most out of your IT.”


How Effective Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

When you set up multi-factor authentication for a login account, it will require a user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to a resource, application, VPN, account, or sensitive information. The factors to unlocking access depend on three things: things you know (knowledge of passwords or PINs), things that you own (possession of badges or smartphones), and things that you inherit (fingerprints or voice).  By implementing more than one piece of login information, you make it harder for hackers to steal your data and lock you out of your account. 

As such, an MFA can be an effective tool to keep invaders out and secure your workplace. Many traditional cybersecurity measures like login usernames and passwords can be easily compromised. Anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption tools, and network monitoring solutions can all be broken down by hackers if you’re not careful. MFAs are a simple solution to a growing cybersecurity threat problem and can be rolled out quickly. 

One of the most common examples of MFAs put into practice is the use of one-time passwords. These are 4-8 digit numbers that are sent via email, text, or through an app to be entered in before logging on to the system. A new code is generated periodically whenever you log in from a new or unfamiliar place. You can adjust your settings as beforehand and verify that it’s you logging in afterward.  

Putting an MFA in place for your employees can be a frustrating hassle for some, especially if you’re balancing multiple users. Although it may make your workday more inconvenient, it’s an effective method of cybersecurity when your login system requires multiple pieces of information for access. This lowers the risk of hackers trying to find leaks in your cybersecurity as they’ll need more information to find an opening. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using Multi-Factor Authentication? 

Now that we’ve gone over how multi-factor authentication works and its general effectiveness, let’s break down how you can benefit from them. 

MFAs add more security to your user account, in conjunction with antivirus firewalls, and makes identity theft harder. It strengthens your login credentials much more consideration and makes stolen passwords useless for hackers. Moreover, cyber-attacks affect both small and big businesses, so adding an MFA to the system benefits every workplace. It’s also very easy to implement and teach your employees how to set it up. 

Having an MFA on your system can also protect important data and sensitive information from being leaked, stolen, or held for ransom. It prevents hackers from destroying data, changing program configurations, and transmitting spam on behalf of your account. They’re already becoming more commonly used as people get accustomed to safeguarding their accounts and information. 


How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Improve Security?

Multi-factor authentication solutions will ultimately improve your cybersecurity because of the added protection of a four-digit code. It can only be sent to either your phone or a special app, so it’s less likely a hacker will have eyes on those. Plus, it gives them more work to do in order to hack into your system. MFAs are also easy to apply and offer effective protection for individual workers throughout the wide business network. 

Improve your cybersecurity today by contacting our staff at M.I.T Consulting to get started. Protect your business assets by learning more about multi-factor authentication and other cybersecurity tips from us. 

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