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The technology circle is expanding daily, with modern cyber solutions trying to take the top spot constantly. 

Small businesses want the best software system to shield their network from potential malware, ransomware and malicious online attacks. M.I.T. Consulting is dedicated to implementing cyber solutions that offer advanced support services in Toronto.

M.I.T. Consulting provides the most comprehensive website support in Toronto that will protect your business data from prying hands. With tremendous innovative technology levels on the market, how do you choose what system best suits your company’s objectives? Let’s take a look at some of the elements of SaaS and Hosted Solutions.


Why Do Companies Use Hosted Solutions?

Business owners are increasingly switching to hosted solutions for several reasons. Hosted solutions can add benefits to a company’s network through:

  1. Cost-efficient solutions.
    Purchasing, maintaining and upgrading your own software can get pricey if you want a reliable system. An affordable monthly subscription to a reputable hosted solution is less expensive and provides lower risks of cyberattacks.
  2. Low maintenance.
    Hardware and software must be upgraded regularly to provide high-end network security. Unless you have a full-time system administrator that ensures your software is up-to-date and frequently backed-up, a hosted solution is much easier to maintain while highly securing your data network.
  3. Rigorous Cloud Security.
    Protect your data with advanced encryption, password protection and impervious firewalls. A range of features and customization options allows you to tailor your hosted solution to your specific requirements in the cloud.

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What is SaaS and How Does It Work?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software developed to help businesses deliver applications through web browsers, eliminating the need for unnecessary hardware installations. 

Saas is a software development method that allows data to be accessed from any number of devices connected to the internet. Instead of downloading the software directly to your PC or device, you access it via an application on your web browser.

Saas is also customizable to your business’ needs and can be tailored for individual use. Buyers can personalize the user interface to modify targeted areas to increase conversions. There are numerous advantages to using Saas. They include: 

  • Minimal risks of failure
  • User-friendly, adaptive and intuitive 
  • No need for hardware installation


What’s the Difference Between SaaS and Hosted Solutions?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a service that you pay and host on your own. It is an on-demand platform that allows multiple users to access it at any given time. SaaS provides access to software using web browsers and can be bought from a reputed publisher.

Hosted solutions serve as a virtual environment and refer to the complex infrastructure connecting computers, servers and databases. This software is installed via a hosting center, and it is a cheaper method in the long-run. You do not need to worry about data loss, as the software backup routinely. 

Hosted software is different from SaaS as it is a licensed product, whereas SaaS provides rented access to the software.


Hosted Solutions are More Beneficial Than SaaS

While both SaaS and Hosted Solutions retain the competitive edge in the marketplace, they serve different business purposes. SaaS should be used within the network of a smaller company, as there are fewer parties involved. 

Overall, Hosted Solutions provide enhanced network security while factoring in large scalability and performance. Hosted Solutions are the most suited for secure and customized long-term software solutions and are better equipped to provide larger companies with exactly what they need.


Reliable Hosted Solutions | Combat Cyberattacks with Licensed IT Support Services in Toronto

You must invest in hosted solutions that can shield your business from malicious cyber attacks.

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