Securing Your Office 365 Account With Reliable IT Support | Start 2022 On The Right Foot!

If you’re running a small or medium-sized business, protecting your data or information is important to maintain your integrity and reputation. One cloud-based software system that allows for the safe storage of your company’s work is Microsoft Office 365. In addition to having resources such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, Office 365 ensures your sensitive information is secure and can only be accessed by your employees. To help you learn more about its benefits, we’ll break down how it can strengthen your business’s digital operations and cybersecurity for 2022. 

At M.I.T Consulting, we provide local businesses with IT consulting and Toronto IT support. Today, we’ll be going over the security features that Office 365 utilizes, the effectiveness of its firewall system, and how our team at M.I.T Consulting can help you secure your Office 365 account for the new year. 


What Security Does Office 365 Include?

Office 365 has a variety of security features that can be used to protect your online workspace and safeguard sensitive information. 

This is made possible by Microsoft’s identity and access management (IAM) solutions, which allow your IT support team to manage different digital identities. Each identity carries a different account and the system allows for easy and secure access to your company’s resources, applications, networks and databases. Moreover, the IAM can also help prevent suspicious login attempts by using risk-based access controls, authentication settings, and identity protection tools. It protects user credentials by assigning administrators with the right access powers using role-based controls, managing which user has access to specific resources or files. 

Office 365 boosts its threat protection by including integrated, automated security solutions within your email to secure your company’s data, applications, devices, and user identities against possible cybersecurity attacks. Examples include the AI-powered Azure Sentinel which helps you detect threats more efficiently and address suspicious activity quickly. Other security features include Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender, which allow for the simultaneous prevention and detection of different cyberattacks across your entire system.

Other systems in place of securing Office 365 include Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), which not only protects your valuable data but also backs it up so that you have a safety net if your information gets lost or corrupted. Additionally, Office 365 security and insider risk management works to quickly find risks or malicious activities to defend your business’s important data. This system allows you to identify, analyze, and take the necessary action to defend your company from cybersecurity threats. 

With all these security features in place, it’s no wonder more businesses are choosing to adopt a cloud-based server to store all the work on. Despite the preventative measures, Office 365 offers, installing another firewall is recommended to further strengthen your cybersecurity. 


Does Office 365 Have A Firewall?

Office 365 does have a secure firewall and security system in place to protect your sensitive data and information. The system does an effective job of using anti-phishing, anti-spam, and anti-malware protection technology to keep your IT infrastructure safe. However, it’s still recommended you install a separate firewall system in place, should the first wave of security be breached. 

While Office 365’s security functions are effective and elite, not all similar cloud-based systems offer the same protection. Even if Office 365 is your primary server system if your workers are constantly accessing it for daily work, inputting another firewall system as backup is a good idea. 

The features we described previously do a greater job of keeping hackers out. However, they’re a clever group and can get creative in their next few attempts on your business. With another firewall system in place on your computers, you give your team insurance and protection as they help make your company more productive. 

Let’s expand on how our M.I.T Consulting support team can help prepare your Office 365 account for the new year. 


How Does MIT Consulting Help Secure Your Office 365 Account For The New Year?

We’ve worked with many businesses that have already utilized Office 365 as their main server system and integrated it into their IT infrastructure. For each of your employees, it’s easy to set up a user account offering extensive protection that allows them to do their work efficiently. We’ll detail the steps you can take to further secure your information and provide best practices in the case a cybersecurity threat does occur. Above all else, we value preventative approaches and will offer meaningful support if your business does fall victim to a cyber attack. 

Get in touch with M.I.T Consulting today to speak with one of our IT support staff and install Microsoft Office 365 for your workplace now! Receive an affordable quote for your project with our experts.

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