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Effective network firewall security will also help prevent unauthorized access to your company’s internal system, ensuring only the right, qualified staff have access. 

For any business that conducts its daily operations online, network firewalls are very useful in safeguarding your entire system from external threats. For every computer that has a firewall installed, they’ll be protected from things such as viruses, malware, spyware, and other dangerous software lurking around. 

At MIT Consulting, we’re a tech support company that provides thorough network firewalls for your computer system to make sure your sensitive information is protected. As one of the best small business IT consulting firms, we know that having a secure firewall system in place for your business is important to maintaining your company’s integrity and trust. We’ll make sure all business operations are run smoothly and ensure any relevant information is in the right hands. 

Firewalls are a useful tool to have in your business overall and can help raise your sales. Rely on our MIT Consulting team to properly install firewalls for your workplace operations and save money long-term! 

Is A Network Firewall Necessary For My Small Business?

Absolutely. A firewall is a necessary feature that needs to be added for your business’ internal networking systems. They serve as a barrier or shield for all your company’s important data from malicious malware attacks, viruses, and ransomware alerts. Without a firewall installed, hackers can easily access your important information and seriously impact your daily activities. 

In addition to protecting your workplace computers from being hacked, firewalls also stop unauthorized external users from accessing your network system, minimizing any unwanted exposure. You can enforce this by using the ability to block certain sites that may be inappropriate and contain malware data. You’ll be able to properly monitor your employee’s work and ensure their activities comply with your business’ regulations. 

A firewall network can also meter and limit your company’s network bandwidth, reserving as much bandwidth for higher priority business issues. They can also inspect ongoing Internet traffic and block any suspicious messages or spam alerts from hackers. Many firewalls will help you organize and differentiate between malicious and good applications, blocking any potential threats from entering your system. 

As a result, firewalls should be a necessity for any business that heavily utilizes computers and network systems. If you don’t have any cybersecurity measures installed, there are some serious consequences to consider. 

What Happens If I Don’t Have A Firewall?

If you don’t have a firewall installed, you’re essentially opening your company up to hackers that want to take advantage of your business. An example of this in action is unlimited public access, in which anyone can access your network and there are no safeguards placed to monitor general activity.  

This can also lead to unrestricted data access to people that don’t have your best interests in mind. Your important data is more susceptible to being stolen or exposed, and you should value it more by adding protection for it. Without one, hackers will have free rein to your information and can do whatever to it to further manipulate your business. This can cost your business a lot of money, goodwill, and reputation in the end. 

Having no firewall installed can also lead to unwanted and long network downtime periods. Hackers will have the ability to shut your whole business down unless their demands are met. Not only will you lose your data, but this can also result in a big network shutdown for your business. Ultimately, your company loses, and it can take several days or weeks to recover and restart your entire system. 

As you can see, there are lots of risks and consequences you may experience if  your business has no firewall network in place. With the team at MIT Consulting, we’ll ensure that the proper cybersecurity system is in place for your employees. 

Why Should I Always Get A Tech Support Company To Install A Network Firewall?

At MIT Consulting, you can be assured that your firewall installation will be handled by highly qualified and experienced IT service technicians. We provide industry-specific solutions and firewall protocols that will help your business maximize its efficiency at a cost-effective rate. Our tech support team is available anytime to make sure your cybersecurity needs are met, and your data is protected. We’ll be there to provide support and guidance as soon as anything on your network fails. 

Contact MIT Consulting today to ensure you have the most effective Firewall system in place for your business. Work with us now to ensure your employees can do their work safely and efficiently on your network. 

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